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The Whitney Mansion Is To Be Featured On ‘Ghost Hunters’Aug 17th,2016



If you enjoy hearing about old creepy buildings with creaks and noises through ought the building this place is already a wonderful back drop,for a story and for the hit show,Ghost Hunters to film a show there.

On August 17th,2016,there will be a shows episode about this very haunted place.The episode’s description states, The Whitney “once owned by a lumber baron in the 1800’s, is investigated by the team who then suspect that deceased family members could be the ones haunting its halls, stirred to life by renovations and construction around the property.”

““It was great having the people from Syfy at the Whitney last year,” says David Duey, director of operations at the restaurant. “Working with the Ghost Hunters was easy and they made the entire process seamless. They were very respectful of the history and majesty of the mansion.”

History of the 100 year old Whitney mansion.”‘

The 122-year-old house-turned-restaurant even named its third floor bar the Ghostbar to play into those rumors.



All the splendid houses which have been erected before and which adorn the broad avenue of town (Woodward) are fairly eclipsed, and the new home enjoys the distinction of being the most pretentious modern home in the state and one of the most elaborate houses in the West.” -– the Detroit free Press, Feb. 4, 1894, on the David Whitney Jr. House

The David Whitney Jr. House was built by successful lumber baron David Whitney Jr., one of Michigan’s wealthiest citizens and the wealthiest man in Detroit. He was worth more than $15 million at the time of his death in 1900 — about $388 million today, when adjusted for inflation.

David Whitney Jr. was born Aug. 23, 1830, in Watertown, Mass. He quickly established himself in the lumber trade and moved to Detroit by age 27. The company he and his brother Charles headed expanded from the eastern seaboard and Canada to Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. It was for some time the largest lumber dealer in the United States. Lumber was not Whitney’s only business adventure; he also was involved in real estate speculation, steamships and banking. He wisely bought up property around Grand Circus Park when it was the far reaches of downtown business, and in 1885, he built the five-story Grand Circus Park Building. It would be replaced with the much larger David Whitney Building, designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Burnham, in 1914. Whitney married Flora McLaughlin in 1860 and had one – David C. Whitney – and three daughters, Flora Ann Whitney Demme, Katherine Whitney McGregor, and Grace Whitney Hoff (who was given, as a wedding present in 1882, a home at 79 Alfred St. that still stands today; this home was rented by retail giant Joseph L. Hudson from 1894-1904).





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