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Tales of ghosts and spirits that have returned after death.

Ghost stories and tales of human spirits who return after death have been part of human culture for thousands of years. No doubt even ancient humans had tales of ancestors that returned from the grave in shocking and terrifying ways.

Through the great many years of hearing such tales,some of these tall tales have been thrown to the way side,while others have been logged by folk lore and graduating legends.

It is a widely-held belief supported by many major religions: When we die, our spirit continues on. However, not all religions agree on what that spirit does after death.Some people believe your spirit leaves the said body to travel to the next existence,even though many have stated they do not know what that is exactly.

One of the first things people learn to assume,is that even though there might be ghosts and spirits lurking about.On the other hand, witnessing a spirit you did not know in the living world is hardly comforting. There are countless eyewitness stories of human spirits haunting houses, and they aren’t all there to make us feel better.

Here is one thought.

Is it possible we can end up stuck in this world, wandering around forever after death? Perhaps it would be because we are afraid to move on, or maybe because something is preventing us. Even worse, what if there is simply no place to go after death, and we are all meant to reside on this earth in spiritual form until the end of time?



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