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Strange stories coming from the old Lafayette Cemetery – Lafayette, OR

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Strange stories coming from the old Lafayette Cemetery – Lafayette, OR


Back in the 1800’s, a woman was accused of witchcraft and hanged for her “crimes.” Before she died, she cursed the town saying it would burn to the ground 3 times. Since then, the entire town has burned down twice – so there’s still a chance the curse lingers and burn again. To top off her curse, it seems her spirit is still haunting the area where she was hanged, and the masonic graveyard where she was buried.

People claim to see her ghost throughout the cemetery, walking around the shadows, and at times she will scream at visitors – turning to run after them and chase people out of the cemetery while laughing maniacally. Even crazier is the astounding number of reports of visitors being physically attacked while being chased by the ghost, resulting in multiple…

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