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Steve Huff speaks out publicly about being seriously stalked and bullied.

Steve Huff speaks out publicly about being seriously stalked and bullied.This time we can certainly understand what this is like.It becomes to extreme and brings some dangerous situations to play.

Steve Huff speaks out publicly about being seriously stalked and bullied.He did not do child porn or snuff flicks.He stated for the record he sold that site to some guy long ago and that guy, then did something different to the site.

Steve Huff has stated he will sell what ever he has, to sue the said culprits for the negative slander expressed from a rant video on you tube, this past week.

Paranormal Herald:

“As a recent victim myself of some pretty serious bullying,we felt it important to share his thoughts,if you noticed he handled this right, he was calm, collective and made no threats what so ever,so we decided to support him and perhaps together spread that much needed awareness.

Steve Huff inside his awareness video, speaks about having a site that he sold, that did do porn,so what does that have to do with the paranormal?

The video,that was vial and lacking any true credibility is shown below.The content is a little off focus and not much of what was said in the below video, is of any worth what so ever.


About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


7 thoughts on “Steve Huff speaks out publicly about being seriously stalked and bullied.

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    Posted by kerberos616 | July 26, 2016, 1:22 pm
  2. You,Evan,and whoever this doofus is sound like a bunch of losers looking to get famous off of others fame. Whatever Huff has done to you or how ever you feel you must bully him and/ or others points to the sheer audacity of your nerve.
    I don’t know what he’s done but what you are doing proves you have no life.This dumb ass bleach blonde looks like a porn star has been herself.

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    Posted by loopycann | July 29, 2016, 4:38 pm
  3. looopy,this article supports him. did you read it or you just come to flap your lips?


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | July 30, 2016, 6:58 am
  4. If you will re- read MY comment you will gather( hopefully) that my comment was pertaining to the bimbo’s video accompanying ” this article”. As you read further you might get a clue why I think she and others who continually,now and in the past,berate,blame,dog,irritate,attack,praise,stroke and any other continuous preoccupation,( especially the “bimbo” in the video accompaning your blog) of bringing forth Steve in all “concerns” make me wonder why.


    Posted by loopycann | August 2, 2016, 1:28 pm
  5. yes reread and thanks it was just that I saw you had mentioned me reread and iam sorry lol anyways how you doing


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | August 4, 2016, 12:44 am
  6. I’m good,and it seems you’re spicy as usual.Good report, esse.


    Posted by loopycann | August 7, 2016, 6:26 am
  7. thanks loopy why the name loopy I don’t think your loopy at all your actually quite smart lol.


    Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | August 9, 2016, 9:57 pm
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