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Paranormal Herald,is protected same as journalist are.


July 20th,2016

The Paranormal Herald,is protected same as journalist are.

As the last few days have been a difficult time period,for the Paranormal Herald,once again we had to take notice to how certain entities will stop at nothing to silence a persons voice.It is through great sacrifices made by our men and women of our armed services,that have guaranteed our rights as an American citizen.

It may not be to long and our free speech, will be right out the door.There has been a huge debate on what is protected free speech and what is not.For instance are bloggers given the same rights as journalist?Bloggers can be journalists (and journalists can be bloggers).

We’re battling for legal and institutional recognition that if you engage in journalism you’re a journalist with all of the attendant rights privileges and protections.So then what does this mean exactly?

The U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans the right to speak their minds in the media – print, broadcast, and electronic, and social media. Freedom of the press is covered by the First Amendment. It is similar to freedom of speech, but covers two bases. Not only can you speak, but you have the right to make sure others hear you as well.

Bloggers,writers and journalist all have the god given right set forth to publish their posts. They are all protected under the first amendment as well as freedom of press.

Some where around 2014.A federal court ruled that bloggers are journalists—at least when it comes to their First Amendment rights.

The Ninth Circuit ruled as such on Friday in Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox, a complicated case first decided in 2011. The court found that even though someone might not write for the “institutional press,” they’re entitled to all the protections the Constitution grants journalists.

Paranormal Herald: Evan Jensen

Senior Editor: Kelly Griffin

About Paranormal Herald Magazine

As I got involved into the paranormal entertainment world, I realized, that there were scammers just waiting to scam people from innocent unsuspecting people. This sickened my stomach, so I began writing about them to expose them so others would not be cheated and so The paranormal Herald came to force.


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