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Ghostly picture floating around Facebook,believed to be that taken of a ghost, Facebook asks to name it as a profile face.

The Daily Mail writes about a public picture,that Facebook has asked to have named as a profile face.The question raised, is what exactly have they captured if anything?

To be honest, that image looks like something I have seen on a box of cereal. We will let you be the judge of this particular picture,yah know what is always said about blurry out of focus pictures.


A 2009 magnetoencephalography study found that objects perceived as faces evoke an early (165 ms) activation of the fusiform face area at a time and location similar to that evoked by faces — whereas other common objects do not evoke such activation. This activation is similar to a slightly faster time (130 ms) that is seen for images of real faces. The authors suggest that face perception evoked by face-like objects is a relatively early process, and not a late cognitive reinterpretation phenomenon.[2] An fMRI study in 2011 similarly showed that repeated presentation of novel visual shapes that were interpreted as meaningful led to decreased fMRI responses for real objects. These results indicate that the interpretation of ambiguous stimuli depends upon processes similar to those elicited by known objects.[3]

These studies help to explain why people identify a few circles and a line as a “face” so quickly and without hesitation. Cognitive processes are activated by the “face-like” object, which alert the observer to both the emotional state and identity of the subject – even before the conscious mind begins to process – or even receive – the information. The “stick figure face”, despite its simplicity, conveys mood information (in this case, disappointment or mild unhappiness). It would be just as simple to draw a stick figure face that would be perceived (by most people) as hostile and aggressive. This robust and subtle capability is hypothesized to be the result of eons of natural selection favoring people most able to quickly identify the mental state, for example, of threatening people, thus providing the individual an opportunity to flee or attack pre-emptively. In other words, processing this information subcortically (and therefore subconsciously) – before it is passed on to the rest of the brain for detailed processing – accelerates judgment and decision making when alacrity is paramount.[4] This ability, though highly specialized for the processing and recognition of human emotions, also functions to determine the demeanor of wildlife.[5]

Pareidolia can cause people to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadows, as faces.


A family has been left spooked after a chilling ghostly image appeared in a photo taken on a camera phone.

Ciara O’Callaghan, from Blarney, in Co Cork, spotted the explainable vision of a face when she flicked back through her iPhone pictures.

The image is so convincing that Facebook even gives the option of TAGGING the face, the Irish Mirror reports.

She said: “My brother Glenn came down from Sligo and I took a picture of him with my niece Carly and nephew Sean in the kitchen.

“My niece took the phone from me to pass it over but it took a photo of the ceiling by accident.

“I didn’t take any notice until I looked though the photos again.”


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