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Is spin-off “The Nun”, in the works, The Conjuring’s third sequel coming?

Is spin-off  “The Nun”,  in the works, The Conjuring’s third sequel coming?

Is New Line developing a strategically bad habit?  According to The Hollywood Reporter, ,they think so.


Co-writer, David Leslie Johnson of The Conjuring 2,  has been apparently hired to write the story that is being labeled as “The Nun”. James Wan, who directed The Conjuring movies and Peter Safran, who produced them, are reuniting to produce the spinoff.

There is simply one problem.  With the recent story being labeled as a true story of the Warren  files, how do they do a movie about a demonic nun?  Will it, too be listed as a true story? It appears the nun never existed,  or may never have existed until a few months ago.

What ever the case or cases may happen to be,we see a future of horror films coming out and it looks as if they will follow the files as if all are being based upon a true story.The p-loys and strategy used to market the films at best even though shown to have done very well box office wise. In some paranormal minds it has been seen to have been at second best, a writers remarkable way to entertain a said audience and should be expected audience wise and as a motion picture to be of such.

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