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Patrick Wilson Conjuring 2’s say’s Horror Film’s Set Was Plagued by Paranormal Activity

With a lot of cheap plays to scare the audiences and to bring greater revenue to the said film The Conjuring,there comes also allegations and alleged statements made that the conjuring’s Patrick Wilson, experienced paranormal activity while filming on set.

As scary as “The Conjuring” is on the big screen, the filmmakers say the most terrifying scenes took place off camera.

Director James Wan was working on a shooting script in his home office before filming started when his Maltipoo puppy Lana reacted to an unseen presence.

“She would stare at the corner of the office and make this really low growl,” Wan told the Daily News. “She would just be growling away and she would be just tracking whatever this thing is across my office, just looking at it, following it. She did this many, many nights in a row and it just freaked me out.”



With special effects workers producers and special effects personnel running around all over the set,just perhaps it was a curtain moving or a lose janitor running around.It seems hard to believe that any sort of paranormal activity could occur, as so much of the movie was clearly written to format the audiences.


“It was a huge curtain that went from the floor to the ceiling, which was just sort of waving violently and there was no door open or no fan on; no nothing,” the star revealed to WENN. “One of the painters goes behind it and couldn’t figure out where the movement was coming from. It went on for like, a minute.

Wilson also revealed that before the film began shooting, a priest was called to bless the set in order to remove any lingering spirits. While it certainly seems like the exorcism didn’t work, a few extra ghosts in James Wan’s horror sequel might not have been a bad thing.


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