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Remembering those on Memorial day a few brief words from the senior editor Kelly Griffin

As some remember those who have been killed, or for those who have died for our own countries sacrifices,we must always remember and never ever forget them.Life is very very short and before you know it, life becomes the end.

Our senior editor had this to say about one of her friends, who killed himself due to what would be known as PTSD from prior service.All  to often our service men and women have no actual resources for help.

Kelly Griffin”Happy Memorial Day! This is what I always said, until I lost a real soldier, who took a gun to his head. This day now means something different to me. It is a reminder that our soldiers are in trouble.

There are no programs or government funded programs to help them when they get home. The war never ends for them. They have seen and experienced things that make some of them want to die. Some of them do. This day is a tribute to those who are trying to fight for our Country. As a memorial, I think we should take better care of it and be selective and protective of what they died for. We need to scrutinize the next President we elect into office, because they died for it. RIP, Kevin Rowe. Some gave all….<3



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