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Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of “Ghost Hunter’s” new show to air soon


I do not know if the paranormal show will be poking fun at fat people or smoking grass,but we do know they the magnificent duo planned on launching and all new show this summer.The show features Adam Berry from Ghost Hunters and Ami Bruni.

Let’s hope this up and coming paranormal show, will be better then her prior film “Better Then Crazy,where Ami Bruni made more fat jokes then any other show in history.


The show will be looking for haunted cases in the new England areas.

New Paranormal Show Looking For Cases Around New England

Are you being haunted?

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of “Ghost Hunter’s” fame have set out on their own and have signed to produce and star in a new television show with a Fall 2016 debut.

And this is where you come in. Would you like to star in an episode with paranormal’s dynamic duo? Amy and Adam are looking for New England cases that feature homes or businesses that are being haunted by a family member (can be a direct family member or even one generations back.)

The show will shoot this summer so if you have a case you think fits the bill, you can email Amy personally at amy@amy-bruni.net.


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