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Masimmo Rossi,GhostArk CEO,threatens to sue it’s customers for embezzlement for demanding their refunds back and not sending product back at customers expense.


Masimmo Rossi,GhostArc CEO,threatens to sue it’s customers for embezzlement for demanding their refunds back and not sending product back at customers expense.No matter what the situation is in specific regards to this produce,customers,who have ordered their GhostArc product, are demanding their money back.They have refused to send back the product claiming that the company wants them to pay for shipping.

After GhostArk went public with this statement, the customers,who had been either scammed,cheated or let us say had been given faulty equipment,started amounting comments into the GhostArk pages.

When this device was in development I was extremely excited to see the details of this device, the form factor is gorgeous and it appeared to be the next big thing. However, when the details of the tech were released I was not excited any longer.The dials light up in a Blue color and the device,from the outside looks great.It was no surprise,when the promises were being stalled and the shipments were delayed,that there happened to be a Red flag,from the very beginning.



Is Ghostark sending faulty equipment,or simply just scamming the Paranormal public?

The Paranormal Herald,has tried to reach out to Ghostark,concerning the over alarming amount of angry folks in the U.K, Australia and the United States.

According to customers’ post on GhostArk’s Facebook page, the device is dogged with technical problems and poor workmanship.  Many reporting poor quality screens, buttons that don’t work properly and problems inserting memory cards into the device.

One such comment was that the device did not work and when turned on, it got very hot and even began to smoke,causing a fire concern?Bob Jensen Depends on your definition of working wink emoticon I personally have not received the 2 we ordered however, a group we work with at times got theirs. It powered up and thats about it up until the point of it becoming too hot to handle. It literally got so hot they said that it started to smoke

There is also a Facebook page called unhappy Ghostark customers.


A recent email to GhostArk went unnoticed, either they missed the email,or they intended to ignore The Paranormal Herald.What ever the said case, it simply does not matter,as we decided to find out for ourselves about the Ghostark product to many have complained about.


There are and were a few Red flags already seen.First off,Ghostark had taken funds for a product not out yet,then had used many excuses as to why they had not sent out the supposed worked,tested, and ready equipment product.

The company Ghostark,had made a statement prior,that the Chinese new year was the blame of them being late in their shipments,because the product is being made by a company in China?


The following screenshot,is of a comment apparently made by the CEO of GhostArc Inside the chat correspondence it shows the latest comments,that are said to be made by the company’s principal founder.

Joshua Harris,had this to say to GhostARC on the Facebook page “Unhappy GhostArk customers.”I got my full refund from GhostArk (yay!!). I imformed them that I’m not going to send them the broken units back. Especially on my own dime (as they insisted). Massimo sent me this earlier today. I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing how this scam company progresses this, if they actually do.


One Unhappy customer,who bought the product had this to say about the entire GhostArc device.”


just sent this

Emailng again on this issue. I’ve decided I no longer want to deal with this . I still have not receive my refund got the 139.00 $ it cost me to send my first defective unit back. I got the second one and it still has issues, I want a refund for the device itself which us 249.00$. If you want this device shipped back you will need to pay for the shipping cost to send this one back as well.

This needs to be resolved!!!!!! this unit is complete shit. I’m no longer will to wait for a working device. I’m sick of ghost ark blaming moko and moko blaming ghost ark. if no one is will to put a quality product out. You need to take this piece of crap and stick it up your @$$. Stop wasting my time as well as everyone whom you scammed into this.


complaints,from either customers not getting their product,to also folks getting their merchandise,but it being a non working product.

Moko’s responses to customers.

so here is a copy of a response I just received from Judy Chen from Moko:Thank you for the feedback. Ghostark said MOKO should reply his customer’s complain. So I reply you this email.

The buttons are hard to press but manageable, the actual housing is
better but not the best.

– Please understand, all the housing is supplied by Ghostark, we just do the assembling for them.

There are many problem in first batch. We suggested Ghostark to redesign the housing mold. But they did not.

I only received one memory card with my ghost ark and not two as in the
first hunter pack I ordered.

– It is one memory card in one device. Last time sent you 2 piece because 16GB card not able to read, 8GB able to read. We can not send one 16GB card not able to read, or send a 8GB since your order is with 16GB, so ghostark confirm to put 2 cards. The second batch SD card are able to read, our instrunction from Ghost ark is one memory card in one device. I am not sure why there is misundersting between you two.

Also when charging it does get a bit warm but nothing that appears to
be a issue with charging.

– We tested charging every device before shipping. Just need to confirm it’s able to be charged, no other instructions from Ghostark’s engineer.

However the temp sensor is off. I tested it in my apartment and my
apartment was 62 degrees Fahrenheit and the Ghost Ark registered it as
75, so the issues with the housing has not been resolve.

– We did not test the temp, we never get this temp test requirement from Ghostark. I informed this complain to our engineer, we need to check the problem based on Ghostark’s schemetics, not sure if they will supply. Margherita please let me know.

The dials on this one turns a complete 360 but you can access the
different menus

– The dial knob is able to turn a complete 360, please inform what’s your complain on this part?

Also when hooking up the external speakers the speaker does not produce
any sound

– The speaker sound is small, but we tested some of speakers, they are able to produce sound. The speaker is supplied by Ghostark, we help to put it into box.

I still have not recipient my refund for the 139.00 dollars to send the
first one back. So how to I get my other memory card and my shipping
cost refund?

– We are not able to reply.

Please note, MOKO only produced PCB board, and only supplied some of components on PCB.

All the accessories, housing, and some components are supplied by Ghostark, we just do assembling.

We discovered many problem in the producing process, and informed Ghostark. Untill now they did not solve engineer problem. Just ask us to put glue in housing, add a piece of carton on SD socket…We confirmed with Ghostark, if customer complain, it’s not our mistake.

Ghostark please do not say it’s MOKO’s problem behind our back on your Facebook or website.

You should let your customer know what’s your real device. We did 2nd batch according to your instructions.

March 28th,2016,there came a response from GhostArc,this was their comments then.

Dear Clients,

given the last updates received by our manufacturing company in China, Moko Technology (Shenzhen), we can officially announce that last week our manufacturer has started shipping new perfectly functioning devices (as it was confirmed by Moko), both to those clients who are waiting for their replacement units, and to those clients who are still patiently waiting for their pre-orders.
We thank all our clients for their patience and understanding.

IMPORTANT: To those clients who received malfunctioning devices, and in order to ship replacement units, we kindly ask to communicate us the e-mail address used when pre-ordering by writing a private message on our Facebook page, or confirm that you are still waiting for a replacement unit, by writing a private message on our Facebook page.
We will provide instructions on how to ship defective devices back; that you can do after receiving the perfectly functioning device.

To all clients: When you receive your GhostArk device, please confirm safe receipt by writing a private message.

Well at least we can verify the refund of one product shipment.

Thank you.
GhostArk team

Some folks have been refunded and some have not,but at the exact same time,their has been conflicting reports,that the company,has either tried to make folks or customers pay for the said shipping of the product

There is also some critics weighing in on the said product,”

GhostArk: Same Old Pseudo-Science In A Different Box?



The GhostArk claims to be the world’s first ‘all in one’ piece of ghost hunting equipment. It’s a proud boast but it amounts to very little because all of the functions that it offers the user are mostly pseudo-scientific and don’t do very much at all. It’s the same old ghost hunting nonsense dressed up in a new box.As Engadget state ‘ghost detection is based on junk science’ and it’s not even clear if the product will make it to market at all. The website for the soon-to-be-released device lists the functions and gives a brief description of each.

Paranormal Herald: Evan Jensen.



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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