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James Hershey J.R The Characters That Continue To Haunt My Nightmares.

My name is James Hershey Jr and I am a horror author. If you have read any of my other articles then you know that all of my novels come straight from my nightmares. If you haven’t read any of my other articles I recommend that you check them out because they will help you to understand my process. I want to talk to you today about a set of characters that continue to haunt me.

When I take a set of my nightmares and turn them into a novel that usually makes those nightmares stop coming. Once the novel is finished the characters leave my dreams, never to be heard from again. The Legion series is the exception to this rule. After I wrote I Am Legion the dreams did stop for a while and I moved on to write Call Of The Wind Spirits. Heather, Darrion, and Legion were not through with me however and returned to my nightmares with a vengeance.

This new set of nightmares led to the creation of The Surrogate Of Souls which is the second book in the Legion series. There are always things in each of my novels which I later find out actually exist in the real world as well and this novel is no exception. There is a scene in The Surrogate Of Souls where a black hole is used as a portal to Hell. At the time that I wrote the novel this was total fiction pulled directly from my nightmares. After the novel was published Stephen Hawking gave a speech where he said that he believes that black holes are actually portals to another dimension.

I believe that it may be possible that both Heaven and Hell may exist in a parallel dimension. This raises many questions in my mind. Could the barrier between dimensions be thinner in certain areas or times and that is why we can sometimes see ghosts? I will leave that question with the experts in the paranormal community but I think that it’s

I believe that these nightmares come to me for a reason. I have documented in another article how my nightmares have contained information from ancient legends that I had no knowledge of. Maybe the reason that these characters and this story won’t leave me is because there is more information that they need to pass along. I am currently writing the third novel in the Legion series and there are some very interesting things in that novel as well.

As always I will leave the study of what all of this means to the very capable paranormal community. If the information from my nightmares can open up any new knowledge for the paranormal world then I feel that I have done the right thing in sharing it. I invite you all to read my novels for yourselves and see what you get from them. Thank you again for all of your support and kind words.


James Hershey Jr



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