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Paranormal lock down to beginMarch 3rd.

Paranormal lock Down to begin March 3rd.cropped-12721842_1518962228407466_1251167917_n.jpg

It is not just the ordinary paranormal theme,that sets the show apart from others,but is a continual mention of all things creepy.The unforeseen,that is said to lead folks to their own conclusions.

The idea of a paranormal lock down is interesting,because if it was a true lock down they the casts and production crew,would actually be breaking all fire codes according to the laws written in almost every state.With this being said, enjoy the next series of Paranormal lock Down.

Paranormal Lockdown follows a similar pattern to other shows, it certainly sets itself apart as to how much time they spend investigating a specific location. With 72 hours, they are able to pack a solid 42 minutes with fascinating footage. This brings a few legitimately scary moments. One scene involves a shaken Rob, who is apparently bit by an unseen thing. There is little here that is just filler. In fact, my only minor complaint is that there isn’t enough of each place. With that much time spent in a single environment, you could have easily stretched it out to two episodes. However, it certainly keeps the series moving at a brisk pace.


PLOT: A six episode paranormal investigation series with Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. The two spend 72 hours in reportedly haunted locations, all the while dealing with little sleep and very little connection to the outside world.

REVIEW: When it comes to dealing with the paranormal on television, it is certainly a subject matter that has been tackled ad nauseam. A camera follows a host around while searching for the occasional creepy voice (aka EVP) or moving object is not a new concept. And while the new series with paranormal investigator Nick Groff certainly has elements of that, there is something that truly sets his latest venture apart from the others. To describe Paranormal Lockdown as yet another ghost hunting show doesn’t really tell you why it works as well as it does. The new series benefits from the double bill of Groff and his co-host, Katrina Weidman. Not unlike a movie, the latest reality series involving the supernatural is a success because it is easy to find yourself invested in the hunt thanks to a great concept and charismatic hosts.

The premise is simple, take two people and place them in a haunted location for 72 hours straight. This is a surprisingly unique concept that gives Paranormal Lockdown a fresh feel. Each episode explores several places including the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Anderson Hotel, Franklin Castle, Randolph County Infirmary, Hinsdale House and Kreischer Mansion, all of which leave both Groff and Weidman visibly worn by day three. Hell, after 24 hours you can tell that the surroundings are already taking their toll. With six episodes airing on Destination America – the first premiering on March 4th – the series follows the two hosts, and their cameraman Rob Saffi, as they delve into the dark history of the many locales.


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