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Drug-fueled cross-country road trip ends in I-90 murder,perp thought woman was a Witch


KVEW-TV,reports that a recent I-9o murder was of a suggested drug induced and fueled rage,that the perp believed a woman was a Witch.

 A crystal meth-fueled cross-country drive from Chicago to sell drugs in Washington State ended in a paranoid rage and a woman being beaten to death in front of her three-year-old son.

This, according to court documents released Wednesday in the early morning Interstate 90 murder of a woman identified as Ana Veronica Montelongo Garcia.

Garcia was found by a truck driver and his wife laying alongside a Ford Explorer early Tuesday morning, naked with a screwdriver in her chest. 33-year-old Manuel Argomaniz-Camargo was later arrested a short distance down the freeway, dried blood on his hands, walking with his three-year-old son.

The court documents lay out a long road trip that began last weekend, when Argomaniz-Camargo decided to grab his son and a pound of crystal meth, which he intended to sell here in Washington.

Argomaniz-Camargo admitted to authorities that he snorted crystal meth and cocaine as he drove across the country. His vehicle broke down in Montana and Garcia’s mother came to assist them. Once they were back on the road they followed behind Garcia’s mother’s car.

The drugs were taking their toll, as he started to believe Garcia had become a witch and had a chip in her mouth, which he told authorities she used to control different mechanical functions of the vehicle along with her hands and feet. They got into a fight over his belief she had become a witch and she allegedly grabbed a knife from the center console and sliced his finger. They continued to fight and eventually Garcia blurted out that she “regretted ever having that little s**t,” referring to their three-year-old son.

At that point, Argomaniz-Camargo told authorities that they were outside the vehicle, he took the blade that Garcia had sliced him with and turned it against her, stabbing her several times. He couldn’t find the keys to the Explorer but it was still running, so he broke a window with a hammer he had in the back of the SUV. Garcia went to get their son so Argomaniz-Camargo hit her in the face with the hammer. Their son saw him hitting Garcia and Argomaniz-Camargo said the child said, “Mommy, daddy’s not good.” He then hit her several more times with the hammer.

He then told deputies that Garcia was lying on the ground so he took his belt off, wrapped it around Garcia’s neck and dragged her body around the side of the SUV so their son wouldn’t see her.

His plan at that point was to put Garcia’s back in the SUV, place a rock on the gas pedal so it would drive away with her in it. He was going to tape her hands to the steering wheel with electrical tape but her hands were too bloody.

When that didn’t work, his next plan he told authorities was to put his shirt in the gas tank and burn the SUV. Because of the weather, however, his shirt failed to catch fire. He had used a screwdriver to stuff his shirt into the gas tank nozzle and once he realized it wasn’t going to catch fire he took the screwdriver and stabbed Garcia in the chest several times, but admitted to deputies she was already dead at this point.

Argomaniz-Camargo then wrapped his son in a blanket and began walking east along the shoulder of Interstate 90 until he was confronted by deputies. He added that he will never regret what he did.

At his first court appearance Wednesdsay morning in Ritzville, prosecutors laid out the case against Argomaniz-Camargo, adding that deputies found and seized an extremely large amount of a controlled substance from the SUV and asked the court for $2 million bail, which the court granted.


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