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When A Mans Dreams Become His Obsession,James Hershey J.R Is “Call Of The Wind” Spirits

When A Mans Dreams Become His Obsession,James Hershey J.R Is “Call Of The Wind” Spirits

My name is James Hershey Jr. and I am a horror novelist. As many of you already know my novels come directly from my nightmares. I would like to talk to you today about a paranormal creature that not many know about. I was among the number of people that had no idea that these things existed before I started dreaming about them. My novel Call Of The Wind Spirits is based on a series of dreams that I had that featured this strange creature. Here is the link to the novel for all of you to read for yourselves. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JBDQDO/

After I had written Call Of The Wind Spirits I just couldn’t let go of these creatures. My curiosity about them persisted and I just had to research the old legends and see if they even existed. I had several people message me and tell me that these creatures that came from my nightmares actually existed in ancient legends and that sealed the deal for me, now I had to know. One of these people was Evan Jenson who told me about multiple cultures that had legends of the wind spirits. I would like to share some of what I found with you today.

Many different cultures have legends about wind spirits. In ancient Sumerian legends they were called the Eddimu. This really stood out for me because this name was exactly what the Shaman in my novel called the creatures. When I had the nightmares and wrote the novel I hadn’t done the research yet and thought the Eddimu was just a gibberish name that existed only in my nightmare. The fact that the ancient legend and my nightmare both contained the same name for creatures that I didn’t even know existed was chilling indeed but also made me even more curious.

These same creatures were called the Preta in the Vedic religion and the Kiangshi in Chinese mythology. Whenever the same creature exists in multiple cultures legends and mythology it is a sign to me that there is something behind the legends. The fact that multiple cultures in multiple times with little or no contact with each other have legends about the same creatures gives it more credibility in my eyes. Either these creatures exist or something exists that these legends were based on.

The basic story behind these creatures origin is the same in all of the legends. The wind spirits were ghosts of those that were not buried properly. There were many different things that these spirits might do if certain taboos were not respected such as eating ox meat. If any of the taboos were not respected they were believed to be able to possess people and cause disease and inspire criminal behavior in those that they had possessed. This was another revelation to me because in my novel the man who was helping the wind spirit had been possessed and forced to commit the acts that he did.

You might think that all you would have to do was not break any of the taboos and you would be fine but that wasn’t the case. Wind spirits were believed to be completely or nearly incorporeal and fed on the life force of those that were sleeping. With the exception of only a few rare cases the victims were always children. All of this information perfectly lines up with what I saw in my nightmares and later wrote in my novel.

This is the point when this stops being a history lesson and becomes much more theoretical. As I said all of this lined up with what was in my nightmares but there was much more information in my nightmares than what exists in the legends. I will share that information with you and you can make your own judgments about what it means if anything. Whether it is new information lost to history about these legendary creatures or whether it is just my subconscious mind filling in the blanks while I slept is up to you to decide.

The legends state that the wind spirits were bound to only take a very small amount and never feed on the same child twice. In my nightmares we learn that there is a consequence to taking more than they were supposed to. If a wind spirit fed too much it would stop being a spiritual creature and gain flesh and blood. The seed of the evil deed that it had committed would corrupt the creature and drive it to continue to feed on the life force of children to survive.

It was rare for a wind spirit to overfeed but when it did happen they would terrorize communities until they were hunted down and destroyed. These creatures couldn’t be killed by any conventional means. Every culture has its spiritual warriors ranging from Shamans and witch doctors all the way to the Catholic Church. This is who would be responsible for summoning the other wind spirits to inform them of their fallen brother. It was the responsibility of the other wind spirits to bring the fallen to judgment.

This new information from my nightmares doesn’t exist in any of the legends that I was able to find. This novel had more information from my nightmares that actually lined up with information that existed in ancient legends, than any other novel that I have written. I want to state once again that I had no knowledge of any of this research before I wrote the novel and it was only after receiving messages from people in the paranormal field about the legends that I did the research myself.

So now for the obvious question, what does it mean? I honestly don’t know. All I know for sure is that it can’t be just a coincidence that all of the info from my nightmares actually existed in ancient legends. To my knowledge I had never heard of wind spirits and have never been an expert in ancient Sumerian legends before this series of nightmares came. I am not claiming to be a psychic or prophet or anything like that. I am simply a storyteller that is trying to understand the nightmares that I have been having my entire life and what they mean. I will leave the speculation of what it all means to the experts in the paranormal field who are far more qualified than me. I invite you to check out my website for all of my books and to join me on my strange journey.

James Hershey Jr.



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