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Kevin Betzer big daddy ego,uses celebrity status to Black Ball another man from the para world and events.


Paranormal Herald: There can only be one meaning of this said article,it is how people have steeped to and all time low.The power of the need for fame,money and of course greed always seems to come into play.

Paranormal celebrities at each others back,instead of trying to advance the field.They seem to only think of where and how they will be paid.The paycheck comes first and at all costs .

Close to a year ago, one man had a falling out over what was described as evidence being issued.People have their differences all the time,we have seen this on social media daily.It is when someone continually attempts to break the person,they are angered at socially.

The Paranormal Herald sat down with the man named Chris Melancon,just last night.He(Chris)described the continued abuse,he had received by one main particular guy,this being apparently Kevin Betzer.Chris described prior internet or said email text,that stated Randy Hardy,Kevin Betzer’s partner wanted to jump and beat down Chris,if he saw him at any paranormal events.

The following screenshots of prior conversations are what appears to be a talent company describing the threats and allegations being made against Chris Melancon and seem very real and altruistic indeed.

Not only,was the issue not dealt with,but a man was then blocked from said events and the continued usage of pure and simple bullying continued.It was not until yesterday,that the entire situation unfolded.

The Paranormal Herald,interviewed Chris Melancon and this is what he said”

Paranormal Herald: Chris Melancon,do you know you are being interviewed right now?

Paranormal Herald: “very well,will you please tell us what has transpired between you and Paranormal Society,then also apparently Kevin Betzer?

“I received a call from a woman who is requesting an investigation out in Hammond Louisiana she’s standing at the back room felt very heavy and she was a single mother of a 5 month old and a 12 year old due to confidentiality agreements I am not obliged to speak of the details of the ongoing Paranormal case during the investigation that night we were on a break the client informed me that she originally reached out to another local group in the area the group stated to her that not only would it take 3 months for them to come out and investigate but they would also charge for a fee of $2,500 I was outraged when she told me this. I immediately asked which group it was. She pulled a Facebook page and it was the page of The Paranormal Society AKA Paranormal Society of Ponchatoula. I then informed Evan Jenson and had the client call him to inform him on what she had told me. After the article was released the group shared the article on their FB page stating it was a lie and they continued to insult the journalist who wrote the piece.

“I commented on Kenny Soape post stating I was the investigator and told him what the client had told me in the past. I was then threatened with bodily harm and harassed throughout the night.

“Kenny Soape begin to message the client and harass her. Dylan then commented on a post saying he was going to commit bodily harm towards me. I messaged Dylan to try and talk resobably and I also brought up how him, Jereme Leonard and Kenny Soape faked evidence and used steriods. Dylan then offered to sell me steriods and that he in fact fired Jereme from the team for faking evidence. When I reminded that the day jereme Leonard was officially off the team Kenny Soape made a post stating how upset he was thst his friend QUIT.. Dylan just started to insult me. Jereme Leonard informed me last year that him and Kenny faked their first video on youtube by faking they found a post cemetery and also faking evps….

Paranormal Herald: “Do you feel,this is a true reason why they have been so vocal against you,because you exposed that these folks were or may have faked their evidence?

Paranormal Herald: “Ok I still do not understand after all this time,why Jerome,kevin Betzer or this Kenny Soape is harboring ill will and so forth?

“Well it hasn’t been this whole time. You gotta remember Kevin and I were best friends and business partners that started shortly after the show aired. Around the time the producers of Deep South paranormal were dkwn here building a cast they picked Kevin and Randy…not Jereme and Kenny. Dylan wasn’t even in the picture at this time. Neither was I. Both had mad youtube videos. And the style was identical. Kevin and Randy were copying what Jereme and Kenny were doing. ( SO KENNY & JEREME SAY ). So ever since then they’ve not really liked eachother. So shortly after the show aired I met Kevin and Randy well a mutual friend introduced us. We hit it off became friends especially Kevin and me Randy never really wanted to do anything paranormal wise unless he was getting paid. But hey Randy tell you that to your face. I kinda respected that but didn’t really consider him a real paranormal investigator but Kevin was all about it. So he started investigating with my team we were out every week somewhere. Now at this time in Ponchatoula Jereme and Kenny are investigating a lot too. Jereme admitted that he and kenny faked evps… showed me how he did it on the video and how he would act like he was big touched and flip out but he really wasn’t. Well Dylan started hanging around with kenny and he sold steroids and he wanted on the team but jereme didn’t want anyone new on the team at the time plus he didn’t like Dylan not many ppl do he’s ass ( this is what jereme has told me I was not there ) Well Kenny owed Dylan like a 100 bucks worth of roids and Dylan was like hey if you let me come and investigate you don’t have to pay for that so kenny was like yeah let do tit. So jereme got mad and flipped out then quit the next day. The same person the introduced me to Kevin introduced me to jereme and we started to investigate together

Paranormal Herald:”Ok,so there was a falling out apparently?

Well yeah between Kenny Dylan and Jereme. Jereme quit and this pissed kenny off. So Dylan and Kenny started to investigate and Jereme starred investigating with me.
 Paranormal Herald:Please continue Chris.
Ok and thanks.
So that’s how we all know each other. We all had a peace treaty a couple of years ago until now. Lol
Paranormal Herald: I do not see,any body making physical threats of harm to another as is any sort of peace treaty Chris.
Paranormal Herald:Were the said threats against you reported to the police CHRIS?
Paranormal Herald: “I would like to know yes,but i need to know what kevin betzer has to gain by making threats ,he will kick your ass in emails to you as well.
“Now he never said he would kick my ass. He said Randy wanted to Kick my ass and Melissa randys girlfriend told me I better watch my back and I source of mine told me if I showed up to any event they are at I will get jumped.
He said I’m Blacklisted right? How many event have I done this year or even last year?
4 or 5. That’s a lot. I had to turn 2 down.
Paranormal Herald: “No idea, just continue with the facts please.
Kevin and I had a falling out with the tour business and moral.issues. how he acted in a daily basis and how he treated woman. He would constantly try and cheat on his girlfriend. One night I had to stop one of my friends from. Confronting Kevin because Kevin tried to Skype call her 100 times in 2 days.
Enough became enough I didn’t want to be friends with him so he manipulated his way to take all of our mutal paranormal friends and turn them against me. But of course it doesn’t look like that people just pick sides and the picked the side if the guy who just had a paranormal tv show out. I had a few friends who knew how Kevin is and they stay away from him.
But what he said tonight to Dylan was 100 lies. I have fact to prove it. Dylan messaged Kevin today when all this went down.
Paranormal Herald:So in your opinion,does he have some hidden agendas to start drama?
Yeah. I mean thays just how he is. He always talked shit about Dylan I don’t think they ever even really met. When your article came out today and my name was in it Dylan messaged Kevin and said hey look what chris is up to then Kevin said all those negative things. I’m not the only one he would say that about. I haven’t talked to Kevin in almost a year.
Haters are gonna hate but when you lie it shows. You say in these screenshots I owe thousands but I am filming short film and investigating residential with the nest equipment made to date.. You say I’m Blacklisted when km book for adleast 4 conventions this year. You say I burnt Brad Klinge but I spoke with him this very evening as my good friend. Everyone will see this and see that what you stated to Dylan tonight was all a lie and people will finally see your true colors. YOU CAN PRINT THAT

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.All visitors coming to this site have entered into a mutual agreement,that by entering the said site,they have agreed to not sue, slander or harass the Herald in any way shape or form.The furthermore release all rights govern to hold the e-paper as liable per contents to said and all articles.

Paranormal Herald:Evan Jensen.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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