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Paranormal Society,charges 2,500 to investigate single moms home


On 02/16/2016,we received a phone call from what would be a client,that had a Paranormal phenomena happening inside their home.A single mom,with two children.A 12 year old girl and a newly born infant.

The family was absolutely terrified,as to what was happening inside their home.As the call came and and I had personally spoken with the client,I agreed that based on what was being told to me,their may have been some phenomena.


Chris Melacon did answer the call to assist and help this client for free.He had agreed,that the prior  research team,now calling themselves the Paranormal Society,may have allegedly had other interest in mind,to the sum of charging a single mom 2,500 bucks to investigate their home.

At some point Kenny Soape and his research society,had allegedly made contact with the client,both  were located in the same state and areas.The client made contact with the team and ,she explained they were in fear for their lives, over what was said as activity that had been ongoing,since the birth of their child and so forth.Kenny chat texted with the client and told her they would do the investigation,but it would be 3 months out and they will charge them 2,500 bucks to do it.

The client over the phone allegedly told me,she did not have that type of money and at first felt they had no other ways to get help,other then trying to find the amount of money requested to find the needed help.That was at least until Chris and his team came for free.


It’s common for people to experience strange and not readily explainable events in their living and working spaces. Lights going on and off, appliance malfunction, lost items, noises, smells, disturbing feelings, etc. If they already hold an accepting view of paranormal activities, they will interpret such events in terms of that view. And, they may decide that they need help from one of the many, many local groups that portray themselves as paranormal investigators. Most do not charge a fee, they say they want to help, and they appear to know what they are doing.

Then their are those para researchers,out to cash in in a huge way,by charging their clients huge amounts of money to deal with their haunted happenings.The website of a paranormal group will give you a good indication of how they present themselves. Avoid groups that appear to be too steeped in paranormal or occult belief (demons), those that can’t write or spell well, and those that look like thrill-seekers or call themselves “paranormal experts”.

Just because some researcher,has had a show or had their episodes filmed,does not add to them being able to effectively dismiss any type of paranormal phenomena,certainly should not entitle them to charge large amounts of your hard earned cash for their expert advice,because truth told,their is not one true expert in the field, their are no such experts.

The Paranormal Herald messaged Kenny Sloape,but has not had a reply as of yet.”Hey Kenny Evan here what is going on with a client stating you wanted to charge her 2,500 bucks to investigate her home, but it would take you 3 months to do it? do you normally charge single moms with the two scarred kids?

This is what Kenny Sloape allegedly had to say,after about and hour, he came forward and stated and or allegedly stated the following”

“Hey Kenny Evan here what is going on with a client stating you wanted to charge her 2,500 bucks to investigate her home, but it would take you 3 months to do it? do you normally charge single moms with the two scarred kids?

Kenny Sloape”

I don’t know anything about this I don’t charge anybody anything unless it’s something I don’t have time for and I would have to take off of work but that’s never even happened
I guess I’m going to have to get a lawyer involved because that’s false.
I want to know who this lady is cuz I don’t know what you’re talking about
I’m never charged anybody before
Paranormal Herald:
“What was found to be of special interest, is that on the perspective clients Facebook page as of yesterday,the client was planning on having the team the paranormal society to come out? then decided not to. This confirms that Kenny is perhaps being the untruthful individual concerning this particular case,confirmed.

Omg!! I’m so over all this. I can’t wait for peace in my home. Nervous to know what the Paranormal Society finds but anxious to get rid of it. Typical 3 am wake up sounds.

Maybe I’ll remember
Hey, maybe I told her that cuz I didn’t feel like dealing with it
I don’t know

Target b******* investigations all the time
I get bulshit investigations all the time
Doesn’t matter I was furious but now I’m over it

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald  and or Beyond The Edge Of Reality can not be held accountable for other parties information.All visitors coming to this site have entered into a mutual agreement,that by entering the said site,they have agreed to not sue, slander or harass the Herald in any way shape or form.The furthermore release all rights govern to hold the e-paper as liable per contents to said and all articles.

Paranormal Herald:Evan Jensen.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


30 thoughts on “Paranormal Society,charges 2,500 to investigate single moms home

  1. This is a 100% lie, and constitutes a crime.

    Libel is a method of defamation expressed by print, writing, pictures, signs, effigies, or any communication embodied in physical form that is injurious to a person’s reputation, exposes a person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, or injures a person in his/her business or profession.

    This isn’t the first time we’ve had to deal with lies from those hacks, and I’m sure it wont be the last.

    We suggest you remove this “story”, and consider vetting your future “stories” more voraciously.


    Dylan Esteve
    The Paranormal Society

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    Posted by Dylan Esteve | February 17, 2016, 4:41 pm
  2. just got off the phone with the said client your contact with them was 2 weeks ago. so nope the article holds water and the clients integrity shall be protected we suggest in the future not trying to charge your clients thanks very much.

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 17, 2016, 5:10 pm
  3. The lady wouldn’t have to worry about ever getting a bill since they don’t show up.I talked to kenny about coming to my home because strange things were happening.he never mentioned a fee but said it take a while.its been over a yr..so I,ll find someone more interested in my needs than someone more concerned about how good they look on fb..

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    Posted by brenda | February 17, 2016, 5:12 pm
  4. you have to prove,that your reputation was injured do said story great luck trying to convince a judge your not able to make money because you were charging someone for doing a said investigation epic at best.
    A verbal injury, when directed against a private person, consists in the uttering contumelious words, which tend to expose his character, by making him little or ridiculous. Where the offensive words are uttered in the beat of a dispute, and spoken to the person’s face, the law does not presume any malicious intention in the utterer, whose resentment generally subsides with his passion;
    furthermore the law allows freedom of speech and freedom rings clear indeed,this was written on the bases of a woman coming forward and her said story.

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 17, 2016, 5:17 pm
  5. I’m pretty sure this is false. . They didn’t charge my parents and they were there for 3 days and 2 nights. .


    Posted by Lissa | February 17, 2016, 7:19 pm
  6. Look, either the “writer” is lying, the “investigators” are lying, or the “client” is lying. I’ve invested too much energy here with a website no one has ever heard of, and their ghetto “investigator” buddies.

    They say you haven’t ‘made it’, until you get haters.



    Y’all take care…we’ve got real investigating to do.

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    Posted by Dylan | February 17, 2016, 8:43 pm
  7. Thanks Brenda for your comments yes please do find some one who can help you i know of someone but what city do you live in?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 17, 2016, 10:26 pm
  8. point made well judi. let them complain seems to me they are definitely singing Dixxy here proves power to the said article in the first place character habit yah named it

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 17, 2016, 11:42 pm
  9. so lisa what your saying is you have no idea but because they did not charge you it is false,this sounds quite logical indeed?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 17, 2016, 11:44 pm
  10. Y’all are cute.

    Anyway, ask Chris how many partners he’s burned…how
    much $ he owes them…and why brad klinge says he’s a pos.

    I’ll wait for a reply. This will be good.



    Posted by Dylan | February 18, 2016, 12:20 am
  11. hey Dylan don’t know what your game plan is but it has nothing to do with the said article thanks


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 18, 2016, 2:05 am
  12. Well Dylan as I showed you in screenshots Brad and I are very much friends and we just spoke tonight about this. Suggest you consider your source. Who do I owe money to exactly considering your source Kevin Betzer burned me for 600 dollars. For everyone reading this I showed PROOF of this lies said her did Dylan and his source are in fact LIESSS. I own no money to anyone, I would be careful lying on Brad he never called me a POS and you’re being very disrepectful towards him by putting words in his mouth especially false words. I was called out to a house and was informed by the client that she called you and your team stated it would take 3 months and 2500 dollars for a investigation. THAT IS WHAT I WAS TOLD BY THE CLIENT WHO KENNY MESSAGED. Another question is why does it take a year for Brenda here to get a investigation. That seems like a awful long time some may consider it neglect.


    Posted by paranormalchris | February 18, 2016, 6:36 am
  13. Hi Brenda. First off let me apologize on the neglect you’re going through. NO ONE should ever wait a year for a team to come and investigate. If you’re interested me and my team would be honored to come and investigate your home. Our website is http://www.paranormalsocietyneworleans.com. We have investigated hundreds of homes through the years and have testimony from a number of clients that we have helped. Feel free to do all the background check you want on us and if interested shoot me a email at Chris@paranormalsocietyneworleans.com or send us a message on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/paranormalnola I promise you won’t wait long for us to come out and investigate to find the answers to your questions. We care about all our clients and their needs. One if the ways we show it is we just don’t come out and investigate one time. We will consider multiple investigations or until both us and you feel comfortable about what’s in your homes. Again I apologize for the neglect it’s sad some people conduct themselves in such a manner that would effect other ppl in a negative way.


    Posted by paranormalchris | February 18, 2016, 6:54 am
  14. Was it good? 🙂


    Posted by paranormalchris | February 18, 2016, 6:55 am
  15. Hey Dylan just confirmed your full of baloney lol it is good indeed.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 18, 2016, 8:15 am
  16. I added Kenny on Facebook approximately 1yr ago. I asked Kenny from the Paranormal Society for help. He said he was busy but would get to me when he could. I live alone and Kenny would text me almost daily from work. It started with him checking on me which I found sweet then it escalated. He expressed he liked my pictures and when I told him I used another team he was still interested in getting to know me. I continued conversing with Kenny until I found out he had a girlfriend which he never mentioned during our intimate conversations. When I confronted him he said she was basically temporary. I fell for everything he said. I feel Kenny uses the Paranormal Society and all his ridiculous videos to draw women in. Sadly if your a woman it’s not about helping you it’s about what you look like and what he can get away with. And I know today that I am not the only woman he has done this too. Beware he can be very charming but loves the attention. That’s all its about is attention. I feel bad for all the people who have paid him and support him because he seems to be living a very nice life as a tow truck driver.


    Posted by Kristy | February 18, 2016, 11:56 pm
  17. thanks for coming forward Kristy,we had surmised there was something up with this guy.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 19, 2016, 12:12 am
  18. This is a lie, I don’t know who you are and I never charge people for investigations


    Posted by Kenny | February 19, 2016, 12:21 am
  19. This is so pathetic to see that people believe they are entitled to have some paranormal team come investigate there home for free, and expect that it happen over night? If it takes a year or two years, that is how it goes when you are asking a team that has other obligations, or maybe a PAID 9-5 job, and a family? Go find some people in the area that have nothing planned, but you shouldn’t have the right to state its neglect, give me a break what a joke this field is. This is why no one takes it serious and we all watch it on tv and laugh! If you expect someone to make you a priority, and take time away from there paid jobs, family, and other interests you should PAY UP! If a team requests a specific amount they have a right to be compensated for their time, regardless of who thinks it is not fair. You can go find some other group, you can’t call a plumber & expect to get them to come on a weekend or evening, and not pay triple.


    Posted by Pat | February 19, 2016, 1:02 am
  20. that is your opinion and your entitled to that it is also deplorable to think that a team knowing that a family needs help,would have to wait that long. and i bet if you asked 5,000 other researchers,they would simply agree with me on this issue


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 19, 2016, 1:12 am
  21. If you look at The Paranormal Societies page, and Kenny Soapes personal page you will see nothing but Kenny looking for attention. There is ALWAYS a camera on and I don’t see any investigating. I see parties, and singing into the camera. Kenny has built quite a reputation for himself not his TEAM. People like this use the Paranormal field to build their egos. Well sadly Kenny is beyond that. Look at the women who comment on his stuff. Sad….very sad for REAL investigators who want to help or learn more about the field.


    Posted by Lacey | February 19, 2016, 9:28 pm
  22. I am also an investigator. Doesn’t anyone question how a tow truck Driver lives the lifestyle he does? I dated Kenny for a short time in the middle of 2015. We never discussed investigating but I did hear him taking calls, giving estimates and also stating they wouldn’t be able to do it right away no matter how important it was. Knowing Kenny personally I know this article is true. I also know Kenny is always looking for sponsors and attention for himself if he is not at the gym.


    Posted by Christina | February 19, 2016, 9:46 pm
  23. I just want to say I am happy someone is finally calling this guy out! I don’t want someone like Kenny representing my town or my state. Ya’ll did a good job on this one. There are real investigators out there who don’t care about the money or how they look. This guy is a womanizer. All he loves is the attention from the women and he gets it. DON’T GIVE THIS TEAM ANYMORE ATTENTION OR MONEY.


    Posted by Brian | February 19, 2016, 9:56 pm
  24. Some times it takes a wake up call such as this article,before folks willingly cone forward. i felt bad for the client and others now are coming forward,if there is ever a haunting issue i know a lot of good people willing to help,without thinking about their wallets


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 19, 2016, 10:41 pm
  25. I knew something was wrong with this man when all I saw were videos of him and then he asked for one of my teammates phone number. Please keep us updated. People need to know the truth about this team using people for money and attention. Their followers deserve to know the truth.

    Penny – INVESTIGATOR for 11 years


    Posted by Penny | February 19, 2016, 10:59 pm
  26. I have remained quiet but with the other women coming forward I thought I better. I started following Kenny on Facebook then started liking his posts before you know it he was messaging me. Then we exchanged numbers. After finding out Melissa was not his sister I blocked him. To this day I have always wondered about him. Thank you for confirming what I felt.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Lori | February 19, 2016, 11:42 pm
  27. Wow kenny, i hope you have some real property iam going to check and investigate your ass all week for as long as it takes brother, if you have anythimng of value iam going to take it from you for sating that,since there is no truth to it. it is where the line is drawn and brother i wont rest now until your exposed sir for your conduct behavio0r and what ever else it takes for folks to know whom and what you are and so many have came forward already have agreat weekend


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | February 20, 2016, 5:44 am
  28. Kenny. As you see here a good amount of people have come out against you. Most of these people being in your own town. Everyone knows how you are and if you want to use the whole paranormal badass ghost hunter Persona to feel or act famous that’s on you dude. We had beef in the past and we squashed it and moved on REMEMBER you telling all those things yoto wait had problems with? That was two years ago. I haven’t even thought of you or Dyan’s name since then. When that lady told me you wanted her to wait 3 months and pay 2500 bucks to investigate that pissed me off.So all this Scrutiny You’re going though I don’t feel sorry for you. I was a man and I came on your time line on your FB wall and commented to tell you what’s up. Dylan has to feel like a Billy badass and start making threats instead of talking like a reasonable adult. Now all these other people are coming out saying you blow the off when they ask for help or you tell them to wait a extended amount of time and now charging. This is all on you. You brought this on yourself. You want to try and attack and dig dirt on me or whoever to try and get the attention off of you well it isn’t going to work. You can dig all you want for dirt on me you aren’t going to find anything and then when yall came out and said I owe money that was dumb and ever more dumb you said one of my good friends called me a POS and you tried to drag his name in it. None of us are happy about it. So now that you have been called out i hope you learned something from this and you TRULY know how you AND Dyan act towards people is wrong. Change your ways dude. Maybe if you did some residential cases and helped ppl I would make you a better person instead of trying to just do famous historical places. As far as I am concerned this is over because my mission was to call you out for treating ppl like shit and that lady. She is a respectable person in YOUR local community and she has a lot of local people backing her up. Let what’s happened here to Kenny and Dylan be a lesson to all groups out there. The most important person is the client NOT the investigator. Remember that.


    Posted by paranormalchris | February 20, 2016, 12:26 pm
  29. Kenny get quit using the money you collect from the innocent people to buy your steroids and flatter beautiful women. Enough is enough. And Dylan you are a joke, portraying yourself as Kennys bodyguard. If none of this is true,how do you get the money for your equipment, travel time, New trucks, magnets, web sites, taking the ladies out when your supposed to be at work, ect? I know a tow truck driver doesn’t make that much this must be the real reason you keep Melissa around. That poor girl should go get tested. Kenny and the Paranormal Society you are attention horrors. PERIOD!


    Posted by Brett | February 20, 2016, 10:21 pm
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