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Couple to sell house plagued by ghost of Titanic captain,It is just to Haunted here.

Former residents of the 19th century Victorian property – the birthplace of Captain Edward John Smith are convinced they’ve seen the ghost of the ship’s master in the bedroom.

According to prior tenants, it has been stated that they had in the past witnessed floods in their kitchen and even and icy cold feeling around the home.There were also mentions of some sort of activity from time to time.

The couple selling the home has stated it is not a bad haunting,or they did not think that any former tenant was forced out because of bumps in the night,but had and did state,there were most definitely reports and in fact had  one tenant that swears he may of seen the captain himself.

1,500 people died, when the Titanic struck an iceberg  nearly a century ago.Captain Smith lived at the house until he began his naval career as a teenager.

Freelance writer Mr Bonner, 64, said: ‘Some years ago we had a single chap living in there and he rang up one day convinced he had seen the ghost of the captain.

It is not perfectly clear,if the old captain and the house is truly haunted,but if theories are correct,perhaps their was some unsettled business,as we all know the horrific day that cost so many their lives.That was the sinking of the luxury liner The Titanic.

‘We had a phone call from them on the Monday morning sheepishly saying “we’ve flooded the kitchen”.

‘I definitely had that sinking feeling when they started to explain, but at least it is all water-tight now.’

The couple have already been flooded with inquiries about the historic house – including interest from Titanic societies across the world.

Mrs Bonner, 60, a former university lecturer, said the end-of-terrace house was built in the early 19th century and used as a corner shop by Captain Smith’s mother.

She said: ‘It’s just a very humble and working-class house.

‘Captain Smith left home when he was 13 or 14-years-old and he went away to sea.

‘We will miss the place. What we’re really looking for is a Titanic enthusiast to buy it and appreciate the history of it.

‘Since it went on the market it’s already triggered some interest.

‘One of those has included someone on the phone from a Titanic museum in Germany.’

For Captain Smith, commanding the Titanic on its maiden voyage to New York should have been a fitting end to his illustrious career.

But on April 14, 1912, just four days into its crossing, the supposedly unsinkable ship struck an iceberg in the Atlantic.

The glancing collision caused Titanic’s hull plates to buckle inwards in a number of locations on her starboard side – opening five of her 16 watertight compartments to the sea.

Over the next two and a half hours, the ship gradually filled with water and sank – sending 1,500 people to an icy death.
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