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Researchers confirm site of hangings for Salem witch trials,matter of time before ghost researchers head to site to do their EVP work

Channel(2)news reports that a dedicated team of historians, has uncovered where they say they found the exact spot, that 19 innocent people were hung during the Salem Witch trials.

Twenty people suspected of witchcraft were killed in Salem in 1692 during a frenzy stoked by superstition, fear of disease and strangers, and petty jealousies. Nineteen were hanged, and one man was crushed to death by rocks.It was a double edged sword, you were guilty without trial or you were simply hung for your crimes,even if innocent.


Proctor’s Ledge, is a small city-owned plot of woods nestled between two residential streets and behind a Walgreens pharmacy, said Salem State University history professor Emerson “Tad” Baker, a member of the seven-person team, which announced its findings this week.


In this photo taken Jan. 11, 2016, Salem State University history professor Emerson Baker walks through an area that he and a team of researchers said is the exact site where 19 innocent people were hanged during the 1692 witch trials in Salem, Mass. Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll said the city plans to put a tasteful memorial at the site, which is known as Proctor’s Ledge and is surrounded by private homes. (Ken Yuszkus/The Salem News via AP)

Now that a legend,a real part of history is been brought to the surface,will Paranormal enthusiasts,researchers and even those trying to contact the dead begin to try to visit this said place for their ghostly E.V.P’s.

The city plans to place a marker at the site but also wants to respect the rights of the people who live in the area, the mayor said. The city doesn’t want visitors tramping through private backyards looking for the spot, she said.

A local and famous legend the Suicide Forest in Japan inspired a movie, it is out in theaters right now.Mark my words it is just a matter of time now, then this part of history,no matter how dark,will become peoples new playground for the Paranormal.

The house that featured the film the Goonies became a celebrity target eventually leading to it being closed to all viewers












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