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American Horror Story,Murder house for sale.

The American Horror Story,murder house may be for sale,if you have the 5 million dollar price tag.

The first season of the spooky anthology series centered around the house; in which it served as a backdrop for multiple mass murders and was veritably infested with ghosts.

For television, the property has been most recently used for the pilot, and the entire Season 1 of American Horror Story. The property has had dozens of TV series episodes filmed here, including, CSI Miami, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter, Dragnet, Hill Street Blues, Six Feet Under, Crime Story, The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, Wiseguy, Law & Order, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, The Closer, Nurse Jackie, CSI New York, Miami Vice, The Unit, 90210, Cold Case, Angel, The Mentalist, 24, Police Story, CHIPS, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, SWAT, ADAM 12, Monk, Las Vegas, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Californication, and many, many, many more.


German-American architect Alfred Rosenheim built the house that is used as the “Murder House” in 1902, and after a five year construction, used it as his own residence. The house is sited on a sloping tree-studded 3/4 acre lot at 1120 Westchester Place in Country Club Park. The surrounding neighborhood was known as “Billionaire Row” in 1908, with some of the wealthiest families in California residing there. The Del Amo Family lived across the street to the West, the Borden family lived across the street to the East, the Kinney family lived across the street to the South-East. (Abbott Kinney designed and built Venice, CA.), and the Doheny family lived just to the South. Rosenheim was noted for designing and building many Amusement Parks and as many as nine roller-coasters.

As one of the most highly respected architects in Los Angeles at the time, Alfred Faist Rosenheim opened his practice in the city after years of being a successful designer of residential and commercial structures in St. Louis, Missouri.

Catholic Convent, Sisters of Social Service (1932 – 1997)

By 1932, Horton had given up his lease on the Westchester Place mansion and the home was taken over by a Catholic Order of Nuns, called the Sisters of Social Service. They began operating it as a convent. In 1946, they expanded their operations to include the adjacent Judson C. Rives Mansion at 1130 Westchester Place, which had also been designed by Rosenheim. During their long tenure at the combined properties the Sisters had added a large chapel on the grounds in a style that was intended to blend in with the earlier structures. Completed in 1954, the chapel featured similarly colored brick walls and a heavy beamed ceiling soaring over the double-height space. In recent years, this grand space has been utilized in a much more secular fashion as a recording studio for Planet Earth Records. [1] The chapel is used as the “Attic” in AHS.

The mansion was badly damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. The Catholic order decided against repair and put the house on the market for then $3 million. Fearing that it might be torn down, local area residents nominated it as Cultural Landmark. The convent unsuccessfully contested this.



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