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Bill Bean,author,Dark Force And Minister.

It gives the Paranormal Herald, great pleasure to be able to write about truly one of the most haunted,as well as one of the kindest individuals,you may ever meet on social media.

We have heard of several Haunted survivors,who have told their stories,but nothing quite like this.This is the bean families details of what some say, is one of the worst haunting’s ever recorded.

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Bill Bean is a world renowned spiritual deliverance minister/exorcist, and is known as “The Spiritual Warrior.’ He’s also an internationally known author, lecturer and paranormal / supernatural expert. Bean is currently being featured on the Lifetime Movie Network series, “I was Possessed,” and has been featured in 4 episodes on the Discovery Channel & Destination America’s ‘A Haunting’ series. Bean also appeared in the 2010 Syfy movie ‘The Haunted Boy’ and has appeared in many TV shows about the supernatural. Bill has given over 1500 media interviews and has performed hundreds of deliverance/exorcism’s all over America.

As an interactive, solution-focused minister, Bill’s approach is to provide guidance and support along with engaging in spiritual warfare on behalf of clients to help resolve demonic problems. With great sensitivity and understanding, Bill Bean helps his clients to find solutions to a wide range of life challenges along with spiritual issues. Bill works with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve life goals.

By sharing his testimony of insurmountable tragedy and discovering his path towards deliverance and redemption through the power of GOD, he has impacted the lives of so many people from all walks of life. Bill is anointed in the area of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry that addresses anything from curses / attachments / obsession / oppression to possession by demonic spirits.

“Jesus said in order to receive you must believe. The way to truly break the chains of the enemy is to develop a new mindset that replaces fear with faith, strength and courage”, says Bill.

Bill Bean has appeared on these shows and networks : Lifetime Movie Network, Discovery Channel, SYFY Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America, Animal Planet, Gaiam TV, Coast to Coast Radio, Beyond Belief, Cornerstone TV, Dead Files, LMN series ‘I was Possessed’, The List, Pulse Talk UK, X-Zone Canada and may other shows and networks.

In his book Dark Force – Bill Bean painfully describes in terrifying detail the supernatural/paranormal events that tormented his family in their Glen Burnie, Maryland home. As disturbing as some of the content in Dark Force is, there’s a very powerful message of hope and faith that has affected many readers in a positive way.

Bill often gives interviews and often lectures about his amazing story of triumph over tragedy and how GOD miraculously transformed his life!

I was under demonic oppression and had attemped suicide several times. Then through a friend I was guided to Bill Bean. Since meeting Bill, my life has been totally transformed and I’m forever grateful to God for working through Bill to save my life. I feel that Bill Bean is one of God’s mightiest warriors on this Earth!
John Drenner

I was sick, depressed and dealing with something very dark in my life. Then I met Bill Bean and my life changed in a very short amount of time. I lost 123 pounds and regained my health after a decade of horrible sickness. God worked through Bill to give me a brand new life. I currently use my life experience along with Bill’s teachings to help others. I have learned so much from Bill and consider him as my best friend.
Jeff Leeper

“Bill is a tremendously gifted speaker, who makes an instant connection with his audience. He never fails to leave them both inspired and uplifted. ”
​The Village Voice

“After reading Dark Force, I found it to be one of the most disturbing and captivating stories that I have ever read. Dark Force is a must read book!”
George Noory Host of Coast to Coast AM

“Bill Bean has been a special guest class speaker at several of my classes in a course called: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY & BELIEF IN THE PARANORMAL @ UMBC.
He has consistently been one of the more popular, interesting, and sincere speakers in the course. His heartfelt testimonial has moved many of the students, and he has been an inspiration for others. He does an excellent job of engaging the audience, and I hope to have him speak again!”
S. Peter Resta Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychology (UMBC)

“I first heard Bill Bean on the coast to coast radio show. That same night I sent him an email and he called me the next day. He helped deliver our church from dark forces who had taken up residence in our old building. Bill has a GOD given gift for facing demonic and satanic forces. He stands against evil through powerful prayers and GOD answers his prayers of deliverance. Bill Bean is a force of GOD’S light and has become a great friend of mine. I know GOD can help deliver others from the hand of Satan through Bill Bean.”
Pastor/Evangelist Jonathan Cobb
First Baptist Church -West Harwich, Mass.

The story of the Bean family was featured on the Discovery Channels ‘A Haunting’ series. The episode, which aired in 2006, is called ‘House of the Dead’ and is one of the most watched episodes in the series history.
John Singleton [The Pasadena Voice]

Bill lectures and makes appearances at churches, colleges, corporate events, conventions, hotels, private events etc…..


November 14,2007 a book came out by Bill Bean called “Dark Force”. The story is a true story about a haunting,that his family has had to deal with ,as he was growing up and little..

This book is a testimony of the trauma that the Bean Family endured from the eyes of a young Bill Bean, and the story of how they finally escaped and overcame it. It is their story of trial and faith, and how that they faced things, which according to many could not possibly be real, but yet they are all too real!


Bill Bean is a nationally known author and lecturer. He is an experiencer, victim, survivor, and conqueror of evil. His faith in GOD has inspired many people around the country and in different parts of the world. Bill says, “GOD truly delivered me from evil.” William John Bean was born on July 29, 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents were William & Patricia Bean. Bill has a sister named Patti and a brother named Bobby.

In 1970, the Bean family moved into a modest three bedroom ranch style house located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The community was called, “Harundale.” Bill recalled his first memories of the house were frightening ones. “It had a very foreboding and ominous feel from the start,” he said. What the family didn’t know is that a demonic force already occupied their new home. Bill Bean stated, “My family was literally torn apart by an evil force that co-existed among us. The activity began as noises and gradually escalated into violent physical attacks on us by the entities.”

In his book Dark Force, Bill Bean painfully describes in terrifying detail the events that tormented his family. As disturbing as some of the content in Dark Force is, there’s a very powerful message of hope and faith that has affected many readers in a positive way.

Here’s an excerpt from a review about Dark Force : “Every now and then a book comes along that you just can’t put down. Dark Force is among those books. I have read many true life stories, but not since reading Jay Anson’s Amityville Horror has a story stayed in my mind. Hour after hour and day after day.” Tim Kelly.

Bill starred in a Discovery Channel broadcast about his story. The show aired on September 7, 2006 on the series “A Haunting.” The segment is called “House of the Dead,” and is one of the most watched segments. It’s often shown during Bill’s lectures, along with a jaw dropping photo presentation. Bill has taken many bizarre photos of anomalous phenomena over the years.

Bill Bean travels around the country leaving audiences both riveted and inspired. He’s also given hundreds interviews and is always in demand for lectures, conventions and show appearances.

“I truly know the awesome power of GOD and the vulgar power of Satan,” said Bill.

When one decides on what sort of material to read, we often times take a l ook at some of the reviews that particular novel may have,Bill’s story and novel has nice responses from his readers. Some of the reviews are as follows.


on December 8, 2007
Reviewed by Sean Forker, Host/ Producer – “Beyond the Edge” Radio Show

“Dark Force” transcends the normal Haunted house story and brings you in the perspective of true events through the firsthand accounts from the author.

The Bean family, your typical nuclear family living in 1970 America; fulfill the American Dream by buying a home in the suburban town of Glen Burnie, Maryland. Bill Bean Sr. is proud of this home, and has aspirations to make it his own. Something else had its own plans for the family.

His wife Patricia starts to experience strange feelings, and daughter Patti knows something is wrong with this house. Soon, what started as noises in the attic become physical attacks on family members, Patricia, Patti, and young Billy Jr. Even the dogs are not spared. The Bean family soon becomes oppressed by the emotional and physical attacks and they begin to break. Something sinister lurks in what was the perfect home. That something wants them dead.

“Dark Force” follows the story of the Bean Family tragedy, through the despair and eventual triumph over evil. However, every victory has a price. The Bean family pays heavily.

William Bean crafts an outstanding story, very descriptive and so emotional that he will have you glued from Introduction to ending. Never have I read a book that is so disturbing in such a way that makes you almost afraid to turn the next page. In the End, what it really shows is that by having faith in God, you can make it through the toughest times and ready to face your worst of fears.

“Dark Force” is a must for anyone with an interest in the paranormal, a religious reader, or someone who just enjoys a good book. Its vast appeal makes it a must have for any collection. You must READ THIS BOOK.

on December 8, 2007
This book is absolutely compelling and interesting, and also frightening but ultimately uplifting. It is the story of the Bean family, an average, all-American family consisting of Bill Sr., Bill Jr., his younger brother Bobby, older sister Patti and mother Patricia who move into a home in Glen Burnie, Maryland, in 1970, and all were really put-upon by spirits, which Bill believes caused his father to abuse his mother. Bill Sr. became an alcoholic, and never believed in spirits occupying the home. The spirits were an “Undertaker” type with dark hair, black eyes, dark period clothing and a black hat; a red-haired man with a jagged scar on his face; an evil entity with no discernible features except red eyes and a woman spirit, which was almost angelic in her countenance and attitude. The small family, as well as members of the family such as Mom-Mom and Aunt Joyce, also experienced unusual happenings in the house. The hauntings went on for a decade until-well, I will let you read the book for yourself to see the rest of the details. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a good fan of a good ghost story.
The book is a perfect example of what the power of positive thinking can do for a life which was shattered by nightly visits from malevolent spirits.
I was unable to put Dark Force down until I had finished it. The story is chilling and vividly describes the Bean family’s battle with malevolent demonic forces in their home. I greatly admire William J. Bean’s courage and strength and how he relied upon the power of prayer to help him through the nightmare he and his family endured for so many years. He is a shining example of how a person’s faith in God and Jesus Christ can see them through anything. I could totally relate to the horrific events in this story because I have also been a victim of very frightening and negative paranormal phenomena at times during my life, although not nearly to the extreme degree that the Bean family suffered. My faith in God, daily prayers, and a special blessing upon my house are the only things that helped me to endure these terrifying occurrences. Thankfully, the frightening phenomena soon ceased after the blessing over my house. I have not had a frightening experience for a long time now. I know without a doubt that demons are real spirit entities who are bent on the destruction of mankind. Having a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ is the only way that a person can protect themselves and find peace. The house that the Bean family moved into has a very dark history, and I suspect that this may be the reason it was demonically infested before the family moved in. This story is terrifying, and yet it is also very inspirational because it shows how courage and faith in God and Jesus Christ can triumph over evil. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in reading stories about the paranormal.
on March 11, 2008
A riveting firsthand account of one family’s terrifying battle with demonic entities. Turning each page of this book was a chilling experience yet at the same time, I just couldn’t put it down. Bill Bean has written a wonderful book that I highly recommend.\
Dark Force is about the events that happened in a US town called Glen Burnie, Maryland in 1970.

When William Bean Sr., his wife Patricia, their eldest daughter Patti, son Wiliam ‘Bill’ Bean, Jr., and younger son Bobby lived in the strange house that year, they become subjected to ten years of horrifying, and evil, entities that threatened to destroy them forever….

Patti’s room was always ‘cold’; an angelic woman would ‘protect’ the family from the other dark forces (including a demonic ‘Undertaker’, a man who scared the Bean family (and other family friends), later on in the book.

The pool was damaged; the family dog was killed; and other horrible things happened.

William Bean Sr. slowly drank himself almost to death (until he relocated to Florida); Patti married her boyfriend to escape the dark forces after they attacked her one night in bed; and Bill Jr.’s fascination with fire).

And, when Bill’s other family members were threatened, his own Mom’s health deriorated as well.

Bill’s Uncle showed Bill the way of God and instilled in Bill the power of Jesus and gave him the energy to battle the evil in his house.

And, when the entities defaced a picture of Patti, and gave her an ‘evil face’, things were getting more out of control.

Bill’s Mom met a man named Richard and they got on well. Richard also saw the entities but her loved Bill’s Mom and they remained close.

In 1980 Bill’s friends met the entities late at night and one of them met the ‘Undertaker’ and was frightened by it.

When Bill’s Grandmother or ‘Mom-Mom’ and his Mother died in 1981, his world collapsed.

Bobby struggled to cope and, in 1987, Bill Sr. was shot to death.

Bill Jr., then ends his story by thanking his wife and God for everything.

I recommend Dark Force because it’s a disturbing, sad, and yet uplifting book about the battle between good and evil.

PS. I contacted Mr. Bean and told him about ordering the book and he sent me a copy of the book before it arrived so I can read excerpts.

I dedicate this review to my friend and to his wife, his brother and sister, his friends, and to his late parents who tried to protect their children from evil.

GOD bless their souls!!!!!

Robert Helliger.





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