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Pro wrestler wrangles opponet,with his penis.

Ok I know it, this article is not paranormal but I would say to me for some odd reason should be. I have never heard of being beat down by someone’s penis before. I would say perhaps this can not be the average japanese wrestler lol.

Folks relax joey Ryan is a entertainer and damned fine comedian.https://www.facebook.com/JoeyRyanOnline/?fref=ts

Joey Ryan is actually a man named


What else is there to say about ,what could be the most insignificant thing to hit the social media in years.



For three days social media had the video trending on Facebook and still apparently is.

I wonder what the  World Wide Wrestling federation may say about the recent teaser video?

some comments”LOL, that’s pretty funny if you’ve ever watched WWF / WCW back in the day. It’s like he’s mocking how Hogan would “Hulk up”, but with this guy it’s his penis. Supposedly, this guy’s gimmick is that he is a sleazy sex-fiend-type dude, haven’t seen him much, so it’s like his strongest muscle that he uses to reverse the hold. Hogan had the pythons and this guy has his penis.

Only wrestler who works more stiff than Bruiser Brody.



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