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MR Harley,hairy man thought to be a Sasquatch, was shot and killed by local bear hunters,believing the man to be a Sasquatch

The article origin is totally unknown, however tracking down the so called bio of the original writer, we saw this was posted”

Barbara Johnson is a young reporter who has made a name for herself thanks to her thorough researching and formal writing style. A former porn star, she has rapidly reached the summit in her new profession thanks to her good looks and “social” skills.

The victim, 53-year Henri Thomas, had been camping on the site for a week with his 21-year old son, and today was the last day of their camping trip.The camping trip ended abruptly when 4 alleged men ended the man Hamilton’s life.

MR Hamilton, a notoriously hairy man, decided to bathe in the river before returning home in the nearby town of Dixie. Unfortunately for him, a group of four bear hunters spotted him and mistook him… for a Sasquatch.

They used to say what happens in Huntington apparently stayed in Huntington Oregon,not in this case.


“We saw this hairy creature in the water, and we wondered if it was a bear”says Timothy Sanders, one of the hunters implicated in the accident. “But after watching it for a minute or two, we were all convinced that it was actually a Sasquatch. It was an extremely hairy humanoid and it seemed to be more intelligent than a bear. It kept moving around clumsily and appeared to be bipedal. We figured that we had to shoot it to prove to everyone that the Bigfoot actually existed.

The four hunters fired a total of 37 bullets in the poor man’s direction, hitting him 11 times. They then ran to collect their trophy, and rapidly realized what they had just done.

“As soon as we reached the body, we realized that it was a man,” says Mr. Sanders. “I feel terribly guilty, We were absolutely sure that it was a Sasquatch. We never thought, even for a second, that it could be a human being… Poor guy! We called 911 right away, but it was already too late. He was already dead.”

Hunting accidents are still pretty common in Oregon despite all the efforts of the authorities, but this only the third time ever recorded in the state, that a man gets killed because he is confused with a Bigfoot. The last time that such an event occurred was in 1973, near the mining town of Copperfield.

Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) is the name given to a cryptid ape-like creature that is said to inhabit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

Most scientists discount its existence and consider it to be a combination of folklore, mis identification, and hoax, but a large number of Americans believe otherwise.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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