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In a special interview with Karissa Fleck,she went on record to speak about nude pictures and Anthony Duda posting them, when she was merely 17 years old?

Just a few hours ago. The Paranormal Herald went on record to interview Karissa Fleck,that was in regards to nude pictures,that were allegedly placed on Anthony Duda’s Facebook sites and or other sites,as she had stated.

The following interview was held and went as followed.

Paranormal Herald: “Karisa Fleck why are you coming to The Paranormal Herald today?

Karissa Fleck: It’s come to my attention that Allegedly Anthony Duda has been posting pictures of me when I was 17..nude photos. This man has harassed me for about 6 months now. Calling me an “evil whore” a “fake”, he has WRITTEN blogs about me with untrue conversions, he has also allegedly shared these blogs on every radio show interview I do..and now today it’s come to my attention that hehas allegedly  on an open blog, he has since deleted has been posting nude photos of me as a 17 year old.

Karissa fleck:He has also allegedly posted my address and allegedly presumed to have  stalked me on fake profiles

Paranormal Herald:”When did this allegedly  start firstly?

Karissa Fleck:”He allegedly wrote a blog about me I guess about six months back now, calling it a book review. “The Horsefly Chronicles Hoax” in this article he compared me to Lorraine warren and said that we’re both fakes, upon reading the article farther I noticed that he posted a fake conversion with me saying out landish things he quoted me on things I never said. I contacted my lawyers and then he put up a disclaimer saying that nothing in the article was of truth but he is still  allegedly harassing me and leaving comments pretending to be other people saying that im a white trash whore.

Karissa Fleck:”And that I allegedly take “porn star” head shots.

Paranormal Herald:”Have you ever allegedly taken any such pictures or ever entered into the porn industry?

Karissa Fleck: “When I was younger (18) I did allegedly do some modeling. I was homeless and didn’t have money. I had some pictures of me taken professionally. The ones from when I’m 17 that he has I honestly have no clue how he got them the only person that I thought had access to them is an ex bf of mine at that time but now the FBI is looking into it and I’m sure they will let me know how he got them. As for me doing porn, no. I have really bad social anxiety and could never do porn.

Karissa Fleck: I’ve been honest with my fans and followers about my life and the wrong things I did as a child. I don’t hide my past because I feel like I can inspire others that have been through hell im proud of everything I’ve done because it made me who I am today.

Paranormal Herald: “So in your opinion under assumptions based on, what appears to have been pictures taken when you were 17, a man has taken pictures that are of you nude, when you are a minor?When did this allegedly take place?

Karissa Fleck: “I took the pictures that Anthony Duda is allegedly  sharing on my own for an ex bf of mine who I dated through out high school. He was in a Big Band and traveled a lot we didn’t see each other often and our relationship was fading I took those pictures on my own free will however im not sure how Anthony got the pictures or why he would be posting pictures of me when I was 17. He is also posting pictures of me from when I was 18 and did the professional pictures he’s posting both.

And yes people have come up to me like in the screen shots I sent to you. Anthony allegedly  has since removed the link to the open blog site where he was posting them and said he has copies.How long did he allegedly do this?

Paranormal Herald:”Why do you think this person has allegedly done such a thing?

Karissa Fleck: “I honestly think he’s a very jealous man This is my opinion. Ever since I started getting well known I’ve had people trying to ruin me or “expose” me. They don’t think about their actions they just do it based on pure jealously and hate. Similar to others who are public figures have been attacked. They let their rage blind them. Which is a shame because I’m a very down to earth person. I talk openly about all the mistakes I have made because it’s my goal and hope to inspire others who had a rough life and let them know you may be in hell now but it gets better. I want other people to look at me and say I didn’t give up because of you and your willpower. I’m not perfect at all, I admit to my flaws and I try my best to mentor people that are going through a hard time. As for Anthony Duda he should of talked to the person he was bashing and attacking.

 karissa Freck:”I pray for him and I think it’s a shame he’s ruining his name and career over an obsession with me
It’s just sad that someone can have so much hate towards someone they’ve never met or talked too. So much of it that they are willing to ruin their career.

Paranormal Herald: “Is this Duda person a public figure inside the paranormal, or a person simply trying to infiltrate the paranormal?

 Karissa Freck: He is not a public figure again just my opinion  most people don’t even know of him. Those that have worked with him have told me that he fakes evidence often and only works with a psychic medium that hasn’t been on point (source a person from New England that has worked with him on a private case) he says he’s one of the best in the field but I’ve never heard about him until he started to write about me. People outside of New England have no idea who he is
I think he’s upset that his career has never taken off and wants to project his failures upon others.
Paranormal Herald: “you stated he Duda had your address and posted that over the internet? why would he allegedly do this?what is the mission there?
 Karissa Freck: Yes I had shared on my facebook the article that he had beenllegedly  writen about me and under a fake profile he commented with a picture of my home and my address. I messaged the fake profile and said anthony you keep digging yourself deeper the police and my lawyers are already watching you. He didn’t deny it was him but he said they were public records and he could post them where ever he wanted. After being contacted again by local police he is now saying that it was not him. And I think he was posting it as an attempt to scare me or threaten me
Paranormal Herald: “For the record,please state whom you are please.
My name is Karissa Fleck. I am most known for the work I’ve done on the horsefly chronicles case, I’ve been on over 100 radio shows, in articles, on TV, and most recently on coast to coast am. But beyond all of that im a normal person attempting to live a normal life
Paranormal Herald: “What sites or pages does Anthony Duda operate or run on social media?

 Karissa Fleck:  http://www.anthonyduda.com, on Facebook under Anthony Duda, and he has recently as of today been connected to the profile “joe para” and the group “real paranormal investigators only” where he based myself and other paranormal celebs that profile has been taken down. Also the fake profile with the name of Karen vixen where he was posting my address on which has also been taken down

Karissa Freck: ” He also allegedly  writes articles on the onion.com
Most recently wrote an article about a dead 17 year old girl being known to give good hand jobs before she died
Paranormal Herald: “Why does he allegedly post under Joe Paranormal,if his name is Anthony Duda?
Karissa Freck:  ‘Well he used “Joe Para” and I believe it was a fake profile where he felt safe to attack people with big names in hopes it wouldn’t be traced back to him.
Karissa Freck: ” I think he has a deep dark hatred for people who are being successful,This is my assumed opinion,based on things i have seen.
Paranormal Herald:i “Is this general practice and have you seen this sort alleged  of conduct before?
Karissa Freck:  he will allegedly stop at nothing to try to destroy those people, he’s a dangerous man. Unforently in the paranormal world there is a lot of people that attack those they see in the public eye. I’ve had plenty of friends that have been attacked and bashed. Posting pictures of fake military records to destroy people’s careers. People will do anything they can to destroy the few that “make it” and it’s been connected that Anthony Duda is connected to the same group of people that have gone after yourself and Dave Rountree. I can’t comment to much on that being as anthony has me blocked from his Facebook but an inside source has informed Dave and I both that Anthony is connected to That group of people
 Karissa Freck: And I actually just got new information on anthony
Karissa Freck:  He’s allegedly posted my pictures, and my address on something called “The dark web” which is also how he got these pictures
Karissa Freck:  I’m blocking out the pictures and names from the sources so that Anthony doesn’t go after them.
 Karissa Freck: Thank you I hope my  supposed experince and dealings with this man will help others
The Paranormal Herald does not accept responsibility,for the alleged accusations made in this article and the Herald has reported all accusations to be alleged and based on material information,that has been received by the paper at the time the article was writtren.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


16 thoughts on “In a special interview with Karissa Fleck,she went on record to speak about nude pictures and Anthony Duda posting them, when she was merely 17 years old?

  1. Karissa is and has always been a wonderful person,she is bright entertaining and a lot of fun to be around,she is a person who went from a problem to being someone of notable changes. She is someone that is trustworthy and an open book,when spoken with or to


    Posted by Mike | October 21, 2015, 9:11 pm
  2. Hello, Mr. Jensen,

    My name is Anthony Duda. I just finished reading with interest the interview with Karissa Fleck that you posted on your website.

    Please be aware that none of Ms. Fleck’s allegations are true. According to Ms. Fleck, there is someone stalking her online, and perhaps that is the case. However, that person is not me, nor is it anyone I am familiar with to the best of my knowledge. I have never been contacted by the police, nor have I ever seen or posted any photos of Ms. Fleck, indecent or otherwise. The only thing that I have posted is my review of Te Horsefly Chronicles, the updates to that review, and the email response to the review. I have never seen and am not familiar with the screen captures that you have attributed to me in your article/interview.

    Ms. Fleck’s accusations apparently stem from my August 25, 2015 review of the book, The Horsefly Chronicles, on my blog. As you probably know, both Ms. Fleck and the book’s author, Philip Siracusa, have been heavily promoting the book and Ms. Fleck’s role in the case in media interviews since 2014. In fact, Mr. Siracusa has published a companion book, The Curse of The Horsefly Chronicles, documenting her role as lead paranormal investigator in the case, as well as the roles of others. I have read both books, but only reviewed The Horsefly Chronicles on my blog, and had many doubts of the paranormal claims detailed in the book. Since posting my review of The Horsefly Chronicles on my blog, it seems that I have become the subject of an intimidation campaign by Karissa Fleck, of which I am only aware when I happen to come across websites and articles/interviews such as yours, as well as being mentioned in social media and contacted via random texts by Ms. Fleck, of which I have full documentation. You have apparently deemed it appropriate to allow Ms. Fleck to libel me with truly vile and untrue accusations on your website without bothering to perform due diligence in confirming the facts, or even extending the courtesy of contacting me to obtain those facts. In doing so, you are complicit in that libel and defamation of my character. If you had bothered to read my review of The Horsefly Chronicles, as well as the updates posted to the same review, you would have noticed that there are no accusations directed towards Ms. Fleck or Mr. Siracusa, only my opinion of the book and questions about the validity of the paranormal claims and Ms. Fleck’s role in the investigation, which both have discussed extensively in media interviews while promoting the book. Ms. Fleck was only mentioned briefly in my review of The Horsefly Chronicles. Only after her ‘conversations’ with me did I post my opinion of said conversations and have further questions.

    Today is Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 2:56 AM and, as stated, I have just read your posted article/interview. In fact, I am away from New England, in another region of the country, on an investigation and happened upon it online while doing research for a case I am working on. I will be contacting my attorneys in Boston as soon as their offices open later this morning.

    Anthony Duda
    Boston, Massachusetts


    Posted by Anthony Duda | November 11, 2015, 7:57 am
  3. anthony thanks foryour response sir ill be in contact soon as the paper wants to know the whole story again thank you sir


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | November 11, 2015, 2:20 pm
  4. explain to them duda you also wrote a blog you can not cry foul if your blogging about the very paper your complaining about idiot.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | November 11, 2015, 8:51 pm
  5. Hello, Mr. Jensen,

    That is a comment somewhat unworthy of an Editor of an online magazine, is it not? As anyone can read in my reply, I have mentioned my review of The Horsefly Chronicles and that it was on my blog. Whether my review was on my blog on a standalone review matters not. There were no accusations in my review, only opinion and questions. Ms. Fleck and Mr Siracusa were never accused of anything, nor was there malicious intent on my part. Yes, it was a negative review of the book. Would you like to know why? Because I do not believe the book is a work of non-fiction. Yes, Mr. Jensen, that is my opinion. I had legitimate questions after reading The Horsefly Chronicles, and subsequently after Ms. Fleck, who was only mentioned briefly in my review, apparently retaliated for my review of the book.

    Please allow me to educate you, Mr. Jensen. I wrote a review of The Horsefly Chronicles. In that review, like in all reviews of published works, whether it be books, music, film or whatever, I gave an opinion. I also brought up the questions that came into my mind as I was reading the book. That is what a review is, and that is a review’s purpose, positive or negative.

    Now, contrast that with what Ms. Fleck has accused me of on social media and, now, in an interview published on your website, in apparent retaliation for my review of The Horsefly Chronicles. I could not care less about what she does or does not think of me as a paranormal investigator, and I am certain we will ask her to show evidence that I have “faked” anything in a paranormal investigation. I have never tampered with evidence in any way. However, I will repeat again that whomever the person purportedly ‘stalking’ Ms. Fleck online and posting photographs, if indeed someone is, is not me. I am sure my attorneys will be asking both of you to produce this evidence and its connection to me. There is no connection, as I have had nothing to do with it, again, if it indeed has taken place. I have endured totally false, unfounded public accusations by Ms. Fleck in apparent retaliation of my review of The Horsefly Chronicles, all of which have been documented. Many are truly ugly, some of which you have now published on your website. Yes, Mr. Jensen, without performing due diligence of verifying if said accusations have any basis in fact. Had you done that due diligence, you would have come to the conclusion that they do not.

    This will be my last comment on the subject, as I have been advised in a conference call with legal counsel to allow them to take it from here. I only chose to respond to your reply as I was quite stunned that an owner and Editor of an online magazine website would have such a response.

    I am not “crying foul”, Mr. Jensen. On the contrary; I am taking both of you to court. The unfounded accusations that Ms. Fleck has previously, publicly made, and the even more vile unfounded accusations that you allowed to be published on your website, are beyond “foul”. Actually, the legal term is “libel”, Mr. Jensen, and we look forward to seeing you in court.

    Anthony Duda
    Boston, Massachusetts


    Posted by Anthony Duda | November 11, 2015, 10:15 pm
  6. that is cool go right ahead why is it when someone writes about you you get your panty in a bunch,but you have written about that author for some time,then this morning wrote about me good luck with your lawsuit dumb nuts.do you think writers do not have their right to make and opinion,from time to time?
    I have no knowledge of any retaliation and the herald made no allegations,that were not sated alleged,because it the said information came by ways of third party.I believe the allegation you so wrote concerning the said book were empty handed backed with no facts as well. i saw your comments and your review everything is OK doing a review such as that,but to keep on posting updating and such is crap and you know it.
    you have constantly harassed mis fleck and i made the second article that reflects that, don’t like it to damned bad.I as a paper writer do not know of anything you say don’t care,but wanted to answer your blog concerning myself today,now run along be nice to folks and by the way what is your lawyers number or name so i can message the lawyer with a cease and desist of my own sir?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | November 12, 2015, 12:58 am
  7. I have no ideas what nonspeaking of at all. like i said dint care. what gives you the right to slander others is another questions our readers are asking you now by the amount of hits people want to know as well?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | November 12, 2015, 4:03 am
  8. did you know karissa when she that young aged 17 and why would she say she thought you had placed pics from her webpages? and how long has this supposed feud been going on normally a book review will be just this a book review and the review is done on the book page under book reviews anything much else is just crap Anthony? and also were you in the haunting, present,were you there in any complicity,if not your review is simply and opinion,that don’t mean jack shit sir.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | November 12, 2015, 4:43 am
  9. Mr duda I find it amusing you are threatening me with a lawsuit. You started this. you have stalked, harassed, and made my life a living hell by being a “cyber bully” you have cost me work and in all honestly I have third party witnesses that say you are connected to the anymous profiles which I would gladly show you the screen shots up but you have blocked my facebook. You have no case, I used the words allegedly because it came from a third party. However If you actually do have a team of lawyers I would love to have their contact information so I can explain to them that you might want to get ready to be taken to court. No judge would side with you after seeing the months of abuse you have thrown at me and your track history of attempting to destroy other people. I believe actually on the front page of your website you attempt to destroy john Brightman. It’s not just me you go after, you go after plenty of paranormal celebs mainly because you are a very jealous, insecure, mean person. No judge all take you serious when you update your blog on me every month with more nonsense. Keep playing victim but you know you have no case or you would not be making comments threatening it, infact there is nothing you can do, have a good day and tell your “lawyers” I say hello

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Karissa Fleck | November 12, 2015, 2:07 pm
  10. he reminds me of peewee her-mans romper room play house, minus anyone giving two shits what he says lol


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | November 12, 2015, 2:12 pm
  11. So anthony I thought you were taking me to court? Guessing that didn’t go well for you. Hmm interesting


    Posted by Karissa Fleck | November 14, 2015, 3:17 pm
  12. He would have to drop a lot of money on a case such as that also he would have to prove he did not do what you sated you thought or allegedly thought he did lol.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | November 14, 2015, 7:12 pm
  13. Apparently,stemming from prior research and information coming into the Herald,we have seen that there is a definite and apparent stalking question going on by Anthony Duda and his new crime partner Carol L Malone.So what does happen when and ex cop and a known and alleged fraud get together?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | January 5, 2016, 8:19 pm


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