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Air Force Dentist Accused of Being a Witch for Practicing Yoga, Infecting Veterans With Demons.It’s a real case people.

Religion,not in the Airforce apparently.The First Amendment doesn’t really apply to one dentist office serving Fort Meade.The story inside this article.

Deborah Schoenfeld,who is a dental assistant,Her religion Hinduism. Deborah was recently accused of witchcraft and “bringing demons into the office. The accusations were by who she thinks were her own colleagues.

Schoenfeld was told by one coworker that yoga was “satanic” and would “cost [her] her soul.” Another coworker agreed and said that since yoga summons demons, “all the soldiers who are doing meditation and yoga to help their PTSD, they are getting infected also.”

When Schoenfeld filed an Equal Opportunity complaint that she was being harassed on the basis of her religion on Sept. 2, she was fired on the ground of false accusations of using profanity in the office on the very same day. Schoenfeld was not allowed to know who her accusers were or retaliate against her firing.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is representing Schoenfeld’s case and bringing the issue straight to Fort Meade’s command. MRFF president Mikey Weinstein wrote to Forte Meade officials that this harassment violates both federal and Air Force discrimination policies.

We have spoken with witnesses at the clinic under your command who have universally confirmed that, not only did this horrid harassment take place, but ever since the execution of her punishment for failing the religious test imposed by the leadership of Epes Dental Clinic, a particular offending party has effusively celebrated her replacement by a Catholic woman by saying publicly that ‘It’s good to see we got an angel, since last time we had the devil.

Sir, this is by far the most ludicrous, scandalous and outrageous treatment of a valued member of our military team that I have come across in my decade-plus of fighting these religious intolerance issues. Ms. Schoenfeld’s basic Constitutional civil rights have been obliterated and ripped asunder. Her administrative due process rights have been wretchedly desecrated. What has happened here under your command is precisely why we at MRFF refer to such bigotry as “spiritual rape”.

The MRFF is the same group that took issue with a ‘God Bless Our Military’ sign outside a Hawaii military installation. Despite the questionable merit of MRFF’s quibbling over a sign, its mission to seek retribution for Schoenfield’s harassment has garnered more praise than criticism.

“The Air Force thoroughly reviews all instances in which airmen report concerns regarding religious freedoms or accommodations,” Maj. Joel Harper wrote in an email Monday to Air Force Times. “Mutual respect is an essential part of the Air Force culture. Supporting the right of free exercise of religion relates directly to the Air Force core values and the ability to  maintain an effective team.”https://military.id.me/community-news/air-force-dentist-accused-of-being-a-witch-for-practicing-yoga-infecting-veterans-with-demons/


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