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Haunted goings on as horror movie shot in manor house

Sudbury-based independent filmmakers Martello Films’ latest horror movie, The Haunted, was filming in a Tudor manor house when the cast and crew got the impression that ghosts of Sudbury’s past were trying to get in on the act.

The cast was drawn largely from Sudbury, including Rachael Lowe of Acton, Emily Barlow from Great Waldingfield and Laura Charlotte Bush and her daughter Isabelle from Great Cornard.

Rachael Lowe of Acton, and Colchester actor Michael Howard, are both appearing in The Haunted. ANL-150930-092020001

“We filmed there just for a day but a few odd things happened,” said the film’s director Michael Munn.

Crashing cameras, giant flies and mysterious orbs appearing in photos from the shoot all led to the feeling the cast and crew were not alone

Most of the scenes were shot in Acton with other locations in Sudbury, Preston St Mary and Polstead.

It was not just the locations that were local.

Haunted goings on as horror movie shot in manor house

Haunted goings on as horror movie shot in manor house



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