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Ghost Adventures’ host is selling his $2.5M Las Vegas house

The two-story, desert-contemporary-style, semi-custom residence was built by Christopher Homes and is in a cul-de-sac in Boulder Ridge. It has five bedrooms, six baths and is 5,800 square feet.

Bagans bought it in May 2014 for $2.1 million from former UNLV and NBA player Marcus Banks.A year and a half after buying it, he has put it on the market for $2,499,000.

Zak was quoted as saying””It’s quiet here. You don’t think you’re in Las Vegas. You think you’re in some exclusive resort. It’s different in The Ridges. It’s very spiritual,” he said. He gestures to the mountains behind his home. “Over here you’ve got the Red Rock (National) Conservation Area, and the overall energy this area gives off is very cleansing and relaxing. As soon as you exit The Ridges, you’re back in the hustle-bustle, but in here it’s very spiritual. I’m drawn to that whole Red Rock area. I don’t know if it’s from the Paiute Indians that were there or just the geographic aspect,” he said.

The Ghost Adventures house has vanishing walls, which are all glass and disappear like pocket doors at several key entry points.His mother, Nancy Knapp, who is a local interior designer. Has also redesigned the stars house.Just off the front door, a full bedroom and bath is being used as his office. Framed prints of Alfred Hitchcock, Grandpa Munster and Dracula line the walls.

The entry hall leads to open areas at the base of the staircase. To the left is a seating area with a slate tile-trimmed fireplace and an aquarium mounted into a cabinet above a sofa. Across the hall is an area, which was probably intended to be a dining room, with two sets of modern glass light fixtures floating in the center. A 400-bottle, climate-controlled, glass-enclosed wine room is adjacent. Another vanishing glass wall provides access from here to a large grass-and-concrete courtyard on the side of the house with water feature and small basketball court.

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Ghost Adventures” airs on The Travel Channel and is starting its 12th season. Bagans mentioned he’s starting another series but would not elaborate on that. “Ghost Adventures” is filming at the end of September inside the old Riviera Hotel for an episode to run early next year.

Bagans, who is in his thirties, would like to settle down, he said, “But I can’t meet the right woman. I have a tendency to attract some rather interesting women.”

When the house sells, he said, he doesn’t know where he’ll buy next, but he’s not in a hurry. “My career has been growing, and so right now this fits my lifestyle.”

Despite an abundance of ethereal memorabilia in the home, it did not appear to be haunted in any way; but then, it was only built in 2008 so, maybe … cue the spooky music … whoo HOO whoo, down the line, Bagans may be revisiting his Summerlin bachelor pad.



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