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Jerome Leonard, decided to dodge the show because he is in a mess with resurrection talent.

You have most likely heard already about and event, that seems to have had some issues.The Resurrection of Tombstone. I tried very hard to stay out of their business, do to the fact I had a few of there members as friends.

Jerome leonard is trying to rationalize with me right now, as is stated”

No that is what you would call a half truth a half truth does not make it the truth my concern was this I did not want to go on the show and you blind side me with all the ASAP stuff if you have someone on your show it should be about that person. And did you not tell me this morning about how important credible journalism was????… So you get mad at me because I posted something about John so you retaliate against me because I was trying to take up for Connie and back is there something wrong with this picture here. I mean is that not contradictory

Apparently that did not work out very well.As inbox messages inundated my time.Then the final blow came this morning.As the paranormal Herald did receive, what was a notice from yahoo, that a comment was made on face book it pertained to a full comment made by the events organizer, planner,herself Connie Williams.The posting,then was also seen on Jerome Leonard’s wall.

For the record, their seems to be a lot of folks, that seem to need their asses exorcised, these days.

It seems a convicted three time felon,that being sarena loane. Is doing a bashing show against reporter John Albrecht,and this is the sort of nasty, that often comes with the paranormal fraud games.


There are a few important questions that need to be answered.

#1 Who had actual account information, to take funds from the said event?

#2 Why was there not even one permit obtained to book the said paranormal event, did Gary run that to?

#3 How can someone sell 8 tickets,as was disclosed as having been done, without having said event even closely booked?

#4 why did they wait until the information was out, to inform anyone?

#5 Why is Becky also with ASAP, telling folks Gary’s girlfriend took the event page down and so forth, when it clearly showed Becky as doing such?

I imagine I will be the next target,but it is a small price  to pay to get the entire information out to the public.


The actual posting is as follows”

There was a recent article written by John Albrecht Jr. Concerning ASAP. it amazes me how these people are allowed to just write false accusations against other people. other than the fact that this world is completely filled with evil people. I can tell you first hand that these accusations against ASAP are completely false. Connie Williams-Williams and Becky Travis Hamm are some of the most caring giving ass people I have ever met.. I trust these people 100% because they have done nothing but help me and anyone else they have contact with.. If anyone is a victim of anything these two great people are the victims.. And I hope justice is served

Connie Williams-Williams with Becky Travis Hamm

4 hrs · Edited ·

To All Concerned, Involved, Curious or Following the recent unfounded and FALSE reports that have been released by John Albrecht, Jr, Erie Echo, Paranormal News Examiner or eerieecho.com.

I am posting my rebuttal, ASAP Entertainment, LLC’S rebuttal and the rebuttal of the ONLY other remaining business partner, Becky Travis Hamm, of ASAP Entertainment, LLC:

UNLIKE John Albrecht, Jr, I do not feel the need to be unprofessional, to slander others with false accusations, to spread outright lies for the mere sake of sensationalism & notoriety nor do I really need to defend myself, Becky or the decisions that we made to RESCHEDULE the Tombstone Event based on circumstances created by our former business partner, Gary Brown…..

I will say this though, kindness always prevails in any aspect of life and I would prefer to not have the likes of John Albrecht Jr’s OPINIONS & false accusations affect my outlook on others within the paranormal community…..it’s not the first time someone stooped this low to discredit me, Becky or ASAP and I’m sure there will be more to follow but in all of my 51 yrs I have always tried to do the right thing at the right time for the right person and for all the right reasons….I will not falter from my morals, character or offer up my INTEGRITY as the sacrificial lamb.

Those of you that know me also know of the INTEGRITY that I speak of and it is carried over in every aspect of my life….if you don’t know me that well, might I suggest that you take the time to do so as I’m an open book as is my business partner Becky Travis Hamm.

I want to state a few things for the record regarding these articles and what is being insinuated……after I do that, I feel like the conversations that have taken place and will follow in the COMMENTS section will speak volumes about the UNTRUTHFUL reporting that has taken place and John is so worried about being shown….

1. FACT- Gary Brown did NOT steal money from the Tombstone Event, he stold money from ASAP Entertainment that Becky and I invested into the company, not from ticket holders

2. FACT- Gary Brown is no longer a business partner and his partnership became NULL & VOID the day he became incarcerated for contempt of court and evading child support for 4 years

3. FACT- All accusations that are being made if theft of his equipment from ANYONE is FALSE……prove it John, you handed out cameras all night long for FREE

4. FACT- Suzi Thomas, Gary Brown’s ex-girlfriend, is the one who turned Gary in to authorities, in addition, she HACKED Gary’s Facebook page and subsequently DELETED the original OSPH Event and the original TOMBSTONE EVENT because she us the only person who has access to Gary’s account and Gary was the Admin on other the events and set them up……she did this out of spite 2 days ago

5. FACT- I’M DONE defending myself…..these screenshots will tell the story so if you have further questions you can ask Becky or myself on Facebook but I will not be available for comment til after 12 noon CST because I’m TIRED and going to bed so ya’ll BE BLESSED
I WILL, however, give John Albrecht, Jr a new nickname in the Paranormal community and I hope it sticks with him until he can TRUTHFULLY report a story….may he be forever referred to as “The PARASITIC Reporter” from this day forward because a PARASITE is defined as: an organism that lives in or on another organism (it’s HOST) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expenses., a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return., leech…….

FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS POST and the screenshots to follow in the comments

The Paranormal Herald has reported this article based on prior links and has merely presented the facts or information, as it has been reported in prior years.The allegations presented are alleged.The Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for third or second part information.

Evan Jensen :Paranormal Herald.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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  1. I may be and ass yes,but iam damned effective.


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