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Movie ‘The Purge’ Depicts 24 Hours Without Laws, has Broken One in the Process.

speaking of legalities, it has got to be somewhat ironic that the film itself has apparently possibly broken the law. They recently lost a motion to dismiss a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Can you imagine, a day 24 hours to purge,kill,do what ever crime you wanted basicly.That is entire theme behind the move, The Purge.

Screenwriter Douglas Jordan-Benel filed a lawsuit against the studio, writer and director James DeMonaco and United Talent Agency, claiming they stole his idea for the film.

District judge Michael Fitzgerald,had definitely something to say.

“Plaintiff’s claim for copyright infringement is sufficiently supported by plausible factual allegations. Given DeMonaco’s relationship with UTA at the time of the transmission, [David Kramer‘s] supervision of DeMonaco’s own agent, and the relatively short interval between submission of the Script was passed on to DeMonaco is not implausible as a matter of law.”

Fitzgerald dismissed the case against production companies Blumhouse Productions and Overlord Productions, however, as Jordan-Benel “has not alleged any facts to show access by Blumhouse or Overlord.”

 'The Purge' Creators Broke a Law Making a Movie Where There's a Day With No Laws

‘The Purge’ Creators Broke a Law Making a Movie Where There’s a Day With No Laws

Low-budget, critically ravaged movie handily wins the box office, surprising analysts and the competition.Purge, a $3 million horror film that was expected to vie for third place this weekend, raked in $36.4 million, according to studio estimates from box-office trackers Hollywood.com.

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