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Has ‘lizard man’ returned ? he was absent for decades.


Sumter woman who says she went to church with a friend Sunday morning, stepped out of the sanctuary to see the Lizard Man running along the tree line.BISHOPVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) — The fabled Bishopville, South Carolina, swamp creature known as Lizard Man appears to have surfaced again Sunday afternoon.

In a ABC  special report: http://www.katv.com/story/29698390/has-lizard-man-returned-photo-apparently-shows-fabled-sc-creature

Quite a lot of local lore surrounding the reptilian humanoid, including the first sighting in the summer of 1988.

One specific case well documented and well known.Known as the Davis sighting for the witness Christopher Davis, it starts with then-17-year-old Davis stopping on a road bordering the Scape Ore Swamp to change a flat tire at 2 a.m. it is what he say’s he saw, that may have changed how legends are viewed.

He(Davis) heard noises, turned to see a 7-foot beast charging at him, so he ran for the safety of his car. The Lizard Man jumped on the roof as Davis tried to drive away.There were scratch marks on the roof and one of the side mirror had been damaged,And the legend was born.

The legend became so well known, that even josh gates from destination truth, searched for the famous beast.There was also a million dollar award to anyone that captured the monster.

One of the last alleged encounter with the Lizard Man came in 2011 when a Bishopville couple reported their car had been mauled overnight.

There were teeth marks in in the metal and saliva coating several discarded parts.

Still, there have been searches by Destination Truth and Mysteries at the Museum as recently as 2013. In a 2014 episode of Ancient Aliens, the Lizard Man was mentioned.

The tales have been documented in a cryptozoology book titled “Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster.”

But the creature has not been seen in more than a decade — until now, possibly creating yet another ripple in the swampy waters around Bishopville.

I am not a big fan of blurry pictures, that somehow are supposed to represent evidence as to the riddles that ponder upon us, these pics were allegedly taken by the eyewitnesses.

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Another such report was told by,CBS news.

Legendary “Lizard Man” reappears in South Carolina



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