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Child’s Play 7 Coming,can you Waite for it ?

Creator Don Mancini noted on Twitter that he was working on the script for Child’s Play 7,follow Mancini on Twitter for updates.


Sharing a piece of Child’s Play art from artist Matt Ryan Tobin on Twitter earlier this week, Mancini (who wrote all films in the franchise and directed several) provided an update on the impending sixth sequel to the series, revealing that the wheels are still in motion and it’s on the way.

The original Child’s Play was released in 1988, followed by two sequels in the early 90s. Chucky returned in 1998 with Bride of Chucky and then Seed of Chucky years later, making his most recent comeback with 2013’s Curse of Chucky – a low-budget return to form that brilliantly tied all the films together.cp7


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