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Mothman’ Startles Kuala Lumpur news reporter.

27-year-old freelance journalist,Lea Foo spoke to Cryptozoology News as she explained her horrific encounter, with whom she say’s is the Mothman.

Bukit Tunku,  formerly known as Bukit Kenny or Kenny Hill, is considered by residents and paranormal investigators one of the top haunted places in Malaysia.

Bukit Tunku or Kenny Hills as it was previously called, has long been considered the residential enclave of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur’s rich and famous. Its greatest appeal is its natural asset, and many elegant bungalows and luxury condominiums nestle in its famed leafy environment. The forest surrounds of tropical rain trees and lush vegetation in Bukit Tunku represent the last remaining green lungs of the city.


I (Lea Foo was contracted by a local paranormal magazine to write an article regarding Pontianaks, or the ghostly spirits of women who died during childbirth. A particular abandoned house is well known to be haunted by these ghosts,” Foo explained, who also claims to have worked as a holistic therapist prior to starting her journalistic career. “However, I ended up sighting something completely different,” she continued.

The woman says that as she walked deeper into the building, she heard a “dry rustling noise” coming from the room ahead. With the help of a flashlight, she reportedly ventured into the room to find out the source of the ruckus.“I was terrified by what I saw. There were two glowing red eyes, staring back at me. Then it began screeching shrilly, bolted up, expanded its huge wings, and jerked its head menacingly towards me.”

Foo claims she was so frightened that she dropped her flashlight and couldn’t see much as she managed to hide in a corner.

“At this point, it was pitch black. I kept quiet… I could hear the heavy breathing of this creature. I heard a flapping noise and felt a huge gust of wind. After I was sure that I couldn’t hear breathing and that the creature was gone, I stood up and ran out of the house,” she recalls.

She reported that the sighting lasted about two minutes but she wasn’t able to use her camera at the time.Foo said the creature had “the frame of a man”, with two legs and two arms, and stood at about 10 feet tall. Its body, she says, was covered in a black leathery skin.

“It had enormous wings, like the wings of a bat, but larger. It was extremely thin and sinewy and its eyes were human-shaped, but glowed red in light,” said Foo.

This is the fourth “Mothman” sighting reported in Southeast Asia in less than two weeks.



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