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Legends of Zombie Road.Dare to enter these woods.

Southwest of St.Louis on the Glencoe Area, along the Merimec River is a road called zombie road.The old roadway that has been dubbed “Zombie Road” (a name by which it was known at least as far back as the 1950s) was once listed on maps as Lawler Ford Road and was constructed at some point in the late 1860s. The road, which was once merely gravel and dirt, was paved at some point years ago, but it is now largely impassable by automobile. It was originally built to provide access to the Meramec and the railroad tracks located along the river.

As time passed, the narrow road began to be used by trucks that hauled quarry stone from railcars and then later fell into disuse. Those who recall the road when it was more widely in use have said that the narrow, winding lane, which runs through roughly two miles of dense woods, was always enveloped in a strange silence and a half-light. Shadows were always long here, even on the brightest day, and it was always impossible to see past the trees and brush to what was coming around the next curve. Testimony has said that if you were driving and met another car, one of you would have to back up to one of the few wide places, or even the beginning of the road, in order for the other one to pass.

The name “Zombie Road” comes from an urban legend. There was an old mental institution that used to be in existence, and there is still one in the area, one of those where you can go and come as you please. Rumor has it there was a patient in the hospital named Zombie and one night he took off and never came back and all they found was his bloody nightgown on the side of the road. Another theory was back in the ’70s when hallucinogenic drugs and zombie movies were popular, that could have been code for kids to meet and party.

There are many untold stories of zombie road,as well as many told legends.One such legend is Some say this is called Zombie Road because the railroad workers who once worked here rise from their graves at times to roam about. Some insist that they have heard old time music, seen anomalous moving lights and other ghostly sightings from that forgotten era. Another tale tells of a patient nicknamed `Zombie` who escaped from a nearby mental facility never to be seen again. His blood soaked gown was later found lying upon the old road later named after him.

Another perhaps tall tale is.More recent,a past has seen this area become refuge for those wanting privacy to practice the occult and other rituals. Who can really know what true doorways to the darkness or unknown were opened here. This area also became a beacon for teens looking for thrills. In the 1970`s a group of teens engaged in a practice called huffing.While using a can of cooking spray to huff one of the boys fell unconscious and took his last living breath. Other such drug related deaths have been noted as well over the years.

What ever may have happened in this part of the territory, there is definitely something that remains there. Are they the dead miners,farm people,locals, who met their deaths tragically?what ever the case, the stories and legends of this place run deep.

ver now that motor vehicle traffic is no longer permitted


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