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In and interview, Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters,says humans are more scary then ghosts, has he ever truly dealt with a Demon then??

If you’ve got a fascination for things that go bump in the night, Jason Hawes and his team of paranormal investigators, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) have a TV series up your alley: Ghost Hunters, celebrating its 10th anniversary on Syfy.

After hearing the said interview, we found his statements to be a little unnerveing.Infact.First off, well how can something human, living be more terrifying then something straight out of hell?

Jason speaks as if they don’t make any or much money from their ghost show, as if it don’t pay the bills,but it is in their 10th season and perhaps he should inform the viewers and fans, that if they didn’t make ratings all that time, there would be no ways to stay around, for such a long time, or for so many episodes.The key issues with Paranormal reality t.v., ratings and how does a paranormal reality show make continued ratings?

You’re celebrating your tenth anniversary. Can you talk a little bit about how the show has changed paranormal history?

Jason Hawes”To be honest with you, the cast of the show has changed but the premise of the show really hasn’t. Of course, Steve Gonsalves is still with me. He’s been with me actually longer than anybody.

Jason Hawes”But the nice thing about the show is Syfy and Pilgrim Studios have always kept their distance, kept their noses out of it, let us do our investigation and allowed us to keep it real. There’s been so many shows that have come on since we came out and have gone away because they were unable to do that. The nice thing about our show is it’s about a group of people, who existed long before a show, doing what we do, instead of being cast by a production company like most of the shows today are.

Claims not cast by production company? then who the hell cast them then?

So what can we expect to see in Season 10?

“We’ve got some incredible locations. The first episode will start off at Wild Turkey Distillery in Kentucky. It was a family-owned distillery that had been passed down generation after generation. There have been claims out there forever, but some of the family members have been claiming that they were seeing deceased family members walking through the halls, calling their names, and doing odd things like that. We were able to disprove some things. We were also able to back up and solidify some of their claims with some great evidence.


The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park called us. They were talking about aberrations. It used to be an old Jesuit monastery where bodies were buried under the place. Now, it’s the Culinary Institute of America.

When you’re not doing Ghost Hunters, you’re still plumbing?

“I still work for Roto-Rooter. It’s a recession-free industry. We’re never going back to the outhouse. I love plumbing because I can design, create and build something. When I’m not doing that, I’m out on my boat fishing or at the shooting range shooting. We take the kids camping, go hiking all the time. I keep myself busy.

Obviously, you believe in ghosts. What can you say to non-believers to convince them? Or do you not even care to try?

“I believe in ghosts, but I believe over 80 percent of all claims can be disproved. Now, that leaves 20 percent of claims. We’re not going to say that 20 percent are ghosts. It falls under what we call paranormal.

I deal a lot with non-believers and so forth. I’m a skeptic myself. The main thing is the good skeptics I love dealing with because they work right with me and we try to figure it out. It’s the ones who are so closed-minded who you can’t deal with.

Why still do it? What do you get out of it?

What I get out of it is just the fact of being able to solve a problem, or being able to help out the person who needs it the most, whether it’s paranormal or psychological. As long as we’re able to help, it’s a great feeling, it really is.


‘Ghost Hunters’ premieres its 10th season on Wednesday, August 26 at 9/8c on Syfy.

has changed over its ten-year history?


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