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Bedlay Castle, rumored to be haunted and in my family’s circle.16th-century Haunted Castle for Sale

I,  (Evan Jensen) was really excited to tell a story of this castle and the mysteries, that surround it. The Boyd’s on my sister in-law’,s side are descendants of the Boyd family. She,(Audrey Jensen), is a direct granddaughter to James Boyd.

This is the story of the Bedlay Castle’s history and haunting.

There has always been great fascination with castles of our foretold history, many legends have come and gone, but the legends that seem to linger and affect the living are still being told.There is one such legend, that haunts the Bedlay Castle.There are reports of the ghost of a large bearded man, identified as Bishop Cameron. They say he(Bishop Cameron) haunts the grounds to this very day.A ghostly horse and carriage has also been heard in the lane, beside the house.Dark shadowy figures roam the halls. The old Campbell Mausoleum, was said to be just as haunted, perhaps as the entire castle; but the Mausoleum has been since moved.

Castle With a Ghost For Sale in Scotland?

Yes, I know, what castle in Scotland doesn’t have a ghost? This one might be worth the asking price since the specter has been residing there for nearly seven centuries.The property with a phantom is Bedlay Castle, located eight miles northeast of Glasgow. The land it’s on was granted to the Bishops of Glasgow in the 1100’s and most likely had a residence for the bishops that built on it. The property was given by Bishop James Boyd to his relative, Robert Boyd, 4th Lord Boyd, in 1580. Robert Boyd built the original two room tower house shortly after that. In 1642 it was sold to James Robertson, who later became Lord Bedlay and gave it the name Bedlay Castle. The building has been expanded a number of times. It has been lived in continuously and now has six bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room and other features; like a ghost.

The spirit-in-residence is believed to be Bishop Cameron. A large man, he was found face down and deceased in a nearby loch around the year 1350 AD. The bishop was believed to have been murdered and his ghost seems to have haunted the property ever since. Residents of Bedlay Castle have seen him pacing the halls and letting out a ghastly cry. An exorcism was performed in the late 1800’s but the ghost was still being spotted in the 1970’s. Ghosts were also seen around a mausoleum on the property before it was moved to a nearby cemetery. Adding to the mystery, there has also been sightings of a horse and carriage on a nearby street that was once an old carriage road. When it stops, a girl gets out and screams before the apparition disappears.

Still interested? Bedlay Castle can be yours for 500,000 pounds or 778,950 US dollars. Besides the ghost, the listing has some other things for potential buyers to consider.



Bedlay Castle stands on a natural defensive point, protected on three sides by watercourses, with the approach from the south. The original castle, built soon after 1580, was a simple tower house of two storeys and an attic. The tower house was around 13 by 7.5 metres, and had a square stair tower protruding from the north-east corner. At the ground floor were two vaulted cellars, with a hall above. The stair tower was later modified by the addition of an extra storey, reached by a spiral stair corbelled out from the join of the stair tower and the main block.


The second phase of building at Bedlay took place in the late 17th century, with a large extension added to the west. This extension is of the same height as the original building, with a single room on each floor. Round towers finish off both western corners of the extension. Because the extension was built on lower ground, an extra floor was created at the lower level, accessed from the ground floor, and including a hidden room beneath one of the towers.

A linking block of two storeys was added to the north side in the 18th century. Other modernisations include large sash windows, and the division of the main hall into two rooms. Garden ornaments including the stone balustrades and gate piers were brought here by the Campbells from their now demolished property at Petershill.

The lands of Bedlay or Ballayn were the possession of the Bishops of Glasgow. The grant of land to the diocese was confirmed by David I and again by William I in 1180. Bishop Cameron is reported to have had a castle or house on this site.[1]


In 1580, James Boyd of Trochrig, then the titular Protestant Archbishop of Glasgow, granted the lands to his kinsman, Robert Boyd, 4th Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock. He built the original Bedlay Castle soon after, on the end of a volcanic crag above the Bothlyn Burn. The Boyds held the castle until 1642, when James, 9th Lord Boyd sold it to the advocate James Roberton, grandson of John Roberton, 9th Laird of Earnock, later Lord Bedlay. The Robertons extended the castle, and held the property until 1786. Since then the castle has been owned by a number of people, including the Campbells of Petershill, who built a family mausoleum in the grounds. Bedlay is still privately owned and occupied as a house.

As of May 2007, Bedlay Castle is up for sale.[2]



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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