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Images of cloaked figure,spreads panic in small Gastonia town

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) has reported a news article about a full figured creepy robed image, not known if male or female, that has or may have been seen placing raw meet inside a small area in Glastonia’s woods.The article goes to mention that the local Gastonia police are looking further into the actual details of the reported images seen and reported incidents of  said image leaving raw meat in secluded wooded areas.

Creepy, cloaked figure dropping RAW MEAT on playgrounds sparks fear among residents in North Carolina community

The mysterious pale figure (left and right) has sparked fear among locals after it was reportedly caught on camera standing outside an apartment complex in Gastonia, North Carolina, dressed in a dark cloak. It is not clear what the person – who has been deemed ‘creepy’ by social media users (inset) – was doing outside the apartment building, nor why they were donning the floor-length, hooded attire. Their identity and gender are also unknown. This week, some residents claimed that the figure had been dropping meat near a local playground. However, these claims have not yet been confirmed by officials



Further comments can all be seen, with this apparent Facebook link.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153782287653646&set=a.10153782287598646.1073757389.680283645&type=1&fref=nf


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