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The River View Place, They say it’s Haunted. Estell home, news 18 reports.

News 18 reports of a very haunted home, with a past that has many residents over the years. However there may be some tenants, that have not left this dwelling.it being said that the family’s home was once used during the civil war, also claims and statements being made as to what it once was.


The River View Place has had visitors since 1913. The building has been a hotel, a hospital, a hotel again, a doctor’s office and is now an antique shop.

Willis Estes, is the current property owner.He has made claims that he has heard a piano on the third floor, but knows their is no piano up their.

“This was the area where the lady was working for the doctors several years ago and she was loading up on the washing machines here, washing linens, and had her back turned to the wall behind here and a button flew past her head, hit the wall, and laid on the floor,” said Estes. “That’s when she refused to never come down here again.”

While there is no record of what was in that location before the building, Irvine residents believe it was a Civil War Hospital.

Estes is not sure what to believe, but he knows what he has heard and believes that there is something enchanting about The River View Place and hopes to preserve it for years to come.

“When the traffic slows down and everything gets quiet and all the lights are off in this building,” said Estes. “It really comes alive and everything starts moving and popping and cracking.”

The antique store is open seven days a week for shoppers and visitors.

The problem is, one person came forward and stated they had lived in this Estelle home for 21 years and have not once heard of anything going on inside the home itself.No strange occurrences, nothing out of the ordinary?

John Metcalf ·

I lived there 21 years and never heard this before…
One more comment concerning the dwelling.

Linda Jackson ·

University of Kentucky
Yes , I was on the third floor and the small room facing front was very cold when I walked in and I felt something near me , no air conditioner no fans were on and it was 90 degress that day the rest of the rooms were very hot . I told my cousin that was with me to go in there and she said no way.I didn’t feel threated just puzzled , I also bought an older home in Irvine on Broadway Street and we have been restoring it and I have encountered various strange things , such as lights turning off, footsteps , whispers . alot of others stuff . I am not a stranger to things like this I have seen and heard many things during my life.

Is the  family dwelling haunted of the ghosts of the civil war, or are the incidents merely a misunderstanding?


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2 thoughts on “The River View Place, They say it’s Haunted. Estell home, news 18 reports.

  1. A quite interesting place, has no one went in to investigate it yet?

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    Posted by spiritualwalks | August 19, 2015, 11:33 pm
  2. I dont hink so as far as i know its possible. we will see if we can speak with the owners on this

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | August 19, 2015, 11:35 pm
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