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Matthew Keys repoter, Fired From Reuters,threatens paranormal examiners John Albrecht, while reporting for inquisitir,hashed his own fake article, for views.

A few days ago, the Paranormal Herald had seen a post on a Facebook social media site. it is what was in the post, we found disturbing and quite unprofessional. A reporter by the name of Mathew keys, writes for the Inquisitir. The post stated by john Albrecht, that his family has been threatened and pictures of his child were used as threats on his Facebook wall.
                                            John Albrecht, decides to not write for the Inquisiter.

I have decided not to host my articles on The Inquisitr. They want full ownership and control of my content and they only pay a few dollars per post and I am not willing to give them total control over my work for a measly $10. I pulled my article from their website earlier today and re-posted it with Examiner. I could have made $5000 or more if this article had been on Examiner.

The money isn’t the issue though. I made my decision because my family and I was attacked and harassed by multiple Inquisitr writers on my Facebook page while I am away on vacation with my son in Ohio this week. I just noticed this a few hours ago.

Earlier this month, Examiner reps said that the website will no longer host paranormal or ghost hunting-related content, so I have been looking for a new home to write. Inquisitr is obviously not it. This is 100% my decision to stop writing for them. In addition to continue writing for Examiner, I will be creating and writing for my own paranormal news website.

Various reporters are misquoting me and one of my viral articles, claiming I “hoaxed” an article. I never hoaxed or lied about anything in an article, ever. If there is a lie in one of my articles, the person I quoted is the liar. I am not a dishonest person.

I also never stated that US Costcos or specifically the Mesa Costco pulled the dino cake from its shelves. Every other reporter or blogger that stole my story and re-hashed it said or assumed that.

The article in question was actually a submission to write for the Inquisitr. They even altered the article. I have since deleted it from the site and decided not to write for them.

In my article, I stated that Costco removed the cake from one of their online ordering systems with a link to the Australian Costco ordering system, which was one of the ones that was affected. (https://www.costco.com.au/MV/CakeOrders.shtml)

These bloggers are now attacking my family and posting photos of my son in attempt to provoke me to publicly say something to them so they can get a quote from me. It is working! They’re using my responses to them on Facebook as quotes in their articles to try and discredit me. Their articles and posts about me are lies and the story about me hoaxing things is a lie. The quotes they got from me were after they attacked my family and posted a photo of my son on Facebook.

I don’t appreciate people coming to my Facebook page, stealing photos of my infant son and posting them, then provoking me by attacking my family. Of course I will say something to you.

I can’t believe that a majority of writers and bloggers actually behave like this. Normally I am the one writing news and all of a sudden I am making news.

There is no truth justified about this other then Mathew keys word and we can see by the article written about  M.R.keys, his word is obviously not good.
Evan Jensen Paranormal Herald.

Evan Jensen Paranormal Herald.

What Mathew Keys, does not want folks to know, is that he has some serious skeletons inside his own what seemed like full closet.Mathews himself was fired from his prior job in 2013. While he worked for the Reuters agency and media news site.According to the said article he was fired or may have been fired, for misleading the public and tweeting inaccurate reports on social media to get a wider bigger response for his news articles. It was ironic and moronic, to accuse John of doing this, when he did this himself in 2013 for Reuters?


When Matthew Keys tweeted on Monday morning that he had been fired from his position as deputy social media editor at Reuters, speculation spread quickly on the Internet.

Mr. Keys, who last month was indicted for conspiring with the hacker group Anonymous to gain illegal access to the website of The Los Angeles Times, had already been suspended, with pay, from his job, and many assumed that the firing was related to the criminal charges brought against him.

But in a blog post on his personal website, Mr. Keys listed various other reasons for his termination—based on a telephone conversation he said he had had with Reuters—that were unrelated to the indictment, such as tweeting inaccurate information from a police scanner after the Boston Marathon bombing and identifying himself as a “Reuters journalist” while suspended.

“Still,” Mr. Keys wrote, “one has to wonder if they are connected.” If he has learned anything from this debacle, however, it may be that he should wait to draw any conclusions. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old “wunderkind of new media,” as he was once dubbed in The New York Times, has filed a grievance with his union.

“Our contract with Thomson Reuters prohibits management from dismissing anyone without just and sufficient cause,” said Peter Szekely, secretary-treasurer of the Newspaper Guild of New York, in a statement. “We don’t believe the company has the required justification here. At this point, we intend to vigorously defend Matthew Keys as we would any other hardworking member of the Newspaper Guild of New York who had been fired without cause.”

Mr. Keys’s firing comes at a time when some traditional and social media sites have taken heat for reporting inaccuracies in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. These include Reddit, whose users launched a kind of vigilante detective tear to find the bombers, which “fueled online witch hunts and dangerous speculation,” as Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin, who apologized for the manhunt, wrote on Monday. In light of this, firing someone for errant tweeting seems like a harsh punishment, especially since, as Mr. Keys has pointed out, Reuters itself has reportedinformation from police scanners in the past.

Still, it would seem that Mr. Keys, who now has more than 35,000 followers on Twitter, has a responsibility not to report unconfirmed information, as he did after the bombing. “Just in: Suspect 2 on the ground at gunpoint,” Mr. Keys tweeted on Friday; it was retweeted nearly 250 times and turned out to be incorrect, which Mr. Keys himself pointed out in a later tweet.

Such recklessness prompted Choire Sicha to publish a post on The Awl last week titled “Is Your Social Media Editor Destroying Your News Organization Today?” In the post, Mr. Sicha singled out Mr. Keys—and his Twitter account—writing, “The sheer amount of useless, misleading and random noise put out by this account is unreal.”

Reuters spokesperson David Girardin confirmed to Off the Record that Mr. Keys is no longer with the company, though he would not comment on why the social media editor was let go.

Mr. Keys—who could face 25 years in prison for allegedly providing Anonymous with information to log in to the server of the Tribune Company, among other charges—has more than just the Newspaper Guild on his side. Many concerned users took to Twitter on Monday to show their support. One Twitter user, ChristineKaratnytsky, wrote, “As a librarian, I valued your commitment to truth/accuracy. I think Reuters errs in judgment. You deserve public support.”

The ever-opinionated Jose Canseco even entered the fray. In a tweet directed to BuzzFeed politics reporter Andrew Kaczynski, Mr. Canseco wrote: “Andy hire Matt @thematthewkeys reuters totally hosed him for doing his job. when did reuters become pravda.”

Story about Costco pulling dinosaur cake was hoax by Inquisitr contributor


story that the Costco company pulled a cake design because a Christian Arizona mother complained that its design looked demonic was a hoax perpetrated by a freelance writer and his girlfriend.

The story was picked up by Inquisitr.com and relayed by multiple news sources, including Raw Story.

As of press time, Inquisitr had taken the post down and Albrecht was angrily trying tojustify his actions on Facebook.

“To the stalkers stalking my Facebook page,” he wrote, “I am aware and have known that the US Costcos do not have an online ordering system. They removed the cakes from their Australian stores. The US Costcos require an ordering form. But these stalking trolls already know this because I linked the Australian Costco online ordering form in my Inquisitr article. I am also aware of the history of ‘616’ and the change to ‘666.’”

The original Inquisitr article claimed that Costco had pulled the dinosaur cakes in the U.S. and in particular from the stores in the Mesa, AZ area.

Eckert has taken her own Facebook profile offline, but a screen capture of the now-deleted timeline proclaims that she is in a relationship with Albrecht.

Message from the Paranormal Herald.

First off at no time did Eckert, take down her Facebook page, because for the past 5 days I my self personally have been speaking with miss Eckert, for information pertaining to this entire incident, we have been looking on and have seen the entire thing take place including the recent rehash and slanderous lies, concerning john and his girl. .We believe based on the fact this Mathews works with the said hacker group anonymous, we do believe the Facebook threats to be valid and we also believe that Mathews is more then capable of concocting stories for said reviews, after all he was fired for the very same thing, he accuses john of right?

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Paranormal Herald : Evan jensen


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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