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Police were investigating an abandoned warehouse which was rumoured to be haunted.but instead of finding the after life, they found several prostitutes in China.

Police were investigating an abandoned warehouse, which was rumored to be haunted.How ever instead of it not being haunted, they did manage to uncover a  couple of prostitutes. The setting is perfect. A wide open warehouse, that sits right next to a graveyard.,No harm there right?

Villagers and towns residents reported bizarre activities near the building, including dim lights being switched on and off, followed by muffled noises and moving shadows.When local police showed up, they found no ghosts to be wondering the hallways. What they did find were some very alive prostitutes.

Five suspects were arrested, including a man known as Chen, thought to be the ringleader.Police told local reporters that the building was incredibly messy and smelled repulsive.

a path lined with mausoleums. Eventually, you pass crops of headstones glinting in the moonlight, each engraved with the CliffsNotes version of the dead person’s life. You practically run past sunken graves and dying flowers, hoping upon hope that the sound you hear is just the wind and trying to shake the feeling that something is following close on your heels.

All right, so maybe you’ve never taken a midnight shortcut through the local cemetery. But if you have ever set foot in a graveyard, you’ve likely felt a hint of the fear and uneasiness that is their legacy. Maybe you were attending a family funeral, touring historic graveyards or simply fleeing flying silver spheres and hooded dwarves.

Whatever your reason for strolling among the tombstones, you probably felt something noteworthy about the experience — something different from all the other spaces and places that fill our lives. After all, graveyards are the final resting place for many of our dead. People say their last goodbyes there, sometimes returning year after year to leave flowers or say a few words.

What could be worse? defying gods words and or having sex hundreds of times, around a place of rest and peace? people wonder, why they are haunted or why there are some really dark haunting’s out there.

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Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

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