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Do Ghost orbs exist?

As a once deeply rooted paranormal Investigator, I soon realized, that just perhaps orbs might represent that unseen entity, but it’s simply my belief, they exist.

Some may say that when the paranormal enthusiast captures, what they think are spirit orbs, they may be either dust particles, rain particles, or just plain might be dirt or contaminant on their camera lenses. For as long as I have been inside the paranormal field, I have seen things that the skeptic or even modern day science can not explain away.

Orbs have awed people since being witnessed, usually at night, in the natural environment. Orbs are transparent, balls of light commonly found in photos but can also be seen with the naked eye if light-emitting plasma. These “light balls” appear in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. They have been captured outdoors, indoors, in churches, schools, businesses, homes, construction sites, burial grounds and more. Videos of orbs are quite common, showing light anomalies moving across the frame. They appear as circular lights, either floating or moving, and sometimes, traveling at a high rate of speed.

Ghost Orbs ?

Do orbs exist? are they spirits or dust particles, or camera lens contaminant?

Do orbs exist? are they spirits or dust particles, or camera lens contaminant?

Spirit orbs captured on film arouse curiosity in even the most hardened skeptic. Many believers in the paranormal study spirit orbs or ghost orbs for clues about their origin. While many dismiss these orbs as nothing more than pollen, dust or moisture captured the instant the investigator snapped a picture, others aren’t so sure.

The debate between what is believed to be spirits from orbs, has reached and all time high, with discussion groups, around the internet.Some believe and others do not. There has been such theories as gasses, pollen, dust, camera lens contaminant and many other suggestions. Truth is even modern day science can not explain for the most part, all they have are theories, just like the average paranormal investigator.

Ghost Orbs”

Paranormal believers theorize that spirit orbs represent the energy patterns of ghost or entities. Each orb may contain the energy of one or more entities. They believe spirits manifest as glowing spheres of gold, green, blue or crimson light. Believers draw conclusions. Non believers also bring their own conclusions.

The average skeptic will state this”This comprehensive survey strongly supports the hypothesis that orbs are simply the result of dust and other airborne material drifting close to the camera and reflecting the flash illumination back toward the image sensor and provides long overdue definitive evidence that their origin lies firmly within the mundane and explainable, not the paranormal or supernatural.”

As always your skeptic, mainly atheists have stated things like this, for their reasoning.I would like to see more evidence as to what orbs are and less as to what they think they might be. We often see a lot of paranormal researchers working incredibly hard to capture a ghost, use electrical equipment for their E.V.P’s and so forth, but very little in the ways of explaining orbs.


Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

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