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VICKSBURG, Miss.Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, reveals woman’s dead body

Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong said Sharon Wilson, 69, appeared to have trauma to her head. Witnesses said her body was found outside Kuhn Hospital, but blood trails indicated she had been inside. (It’s who found the body, that sort of amazes you?

According to Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace,that said his office was alerted to the body when a group of people came to the sheriff’s office. Sgt. Jason Bailess was working on shift reports and talked with the group who told him that they had been at Kuhn Hospital. They told Bailess they knew they probably weren’t supposed to be out there, but they had found a body and wanted to report it.The folks that made the initial findings, were ghost hunters, because of the old falling down hospital ,being what many has said was a  hot spot for the paranormal. They were there doing their investigations.

The news reel appears here at the below link.


Pictures of what would appear to be, the murder scene.

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635711816237627456-kuhn-steps 635711816237627456-kuhn-drag-marks 635711816237627456-kuhn-grass


“You could tell where they had dragged someone down from the second floor in the middle of the building, to a grassy area on the left side of the hospital,” he said. “On the steps, that’s where most of the blood was, and it looked like they dragged her all the way to the grassy area.”

Police said the McClouds told authorities they had put Wilson out on the side of the road after robbing her home and kidnapping her on Saturday.

Rafael McCloud was already known from previous run-ins with the Vicksburg Police Department, Armstrong said.

Armstrong says the body was sent to the state crime lab in Jackson for processing. Coroner Doug Huskey referred all questions back to VPD.

Because of the propensity for paranormal groups to visit Kuhn, Armstrong said police don’t get a lot of calls there, but there is a lot of activity there. Some groups, like Childers’, have permission to be inside the building. Others just go unannounced.

Childers said he didn’t know the group who found Wilson’s body.

In spite of his experience there, Childers said the old structure is dangerous and should be demolished. He said a ceiling caved in on him and some of his team in a ghost hunt last year.

“Kuhn Hospital has a lot of places inside and out that would be an ideal spot to place a body. In my opinion they should tear it down. It’s condemned and is open for things like this to happen,” he said. “It’s an unsafe environment, there are open elevator shafts, black mold, asbestos, and debris, and people ought to stay away from that place.”

The old hospital is unsafe and needs to be torn down says many?

Inside of Kuhn Hospital is a dark maze of rooms full of debris. Many of the walls are are spray-painted, and many of them have fallen down. It is nationally and internationally known as a hot spot of paranormal activity, with many paranormal groups coming to investigate apparitions and electronic voice phenomena recorded there. What I would like to know is why does the city allow folks inside a building, that is reported to be so dangerous, who controls the direction of the old buildings occupants? or the site itself

History of Kuhn state hospital”


Kuhn State Hospital started life as Vicksburg’s City Hospital back in 1832, in response to a smallpox outbreak. It took its place at this location, then a suburban estate with “a substantial house” in 1847. Run by Dr. George K. Birchett, and later his son, grandson, and great-grandson, the hospital served wounded during the Civil War and suffered the deaths of 16 doctors and 6 Catholic Sisters of Mercy during the Yellow Fever of 1878. The state took over the operation of the hospital in 1871, and the institution was re-named the State Charity Hospital at Vicksburg.

Confederate veterans stalked the halls of a specially built annex, constructed in 1901 (burned in a “mysterious fire” in 1918). And to top it off, the University of Mississippi operated its first medical school here in the academic year 1910-11.

In 1954, a former resident of Vicksburg, Lee Kuhn, having long since moved to New York City, died and left his estate of $400,000 to the Vicksburg Charity Hospital. In his will, Kuhn directed that a 7-person committee composed of three Jews, two Catholics, and two Protestants be formed to decide the best way to disburse the money. The committee decided that a new building would be the best use, and in 1959, the institution opened a large new facility to the rear of the original buildings. The institution was also renamed in honor of Mr. Kuhn. Changes in medicine and mission brought about yet another large building in 1962, this one replacing the antebellum “substantial house” and its 1909 annex with the brick building that greets a visitor today. Probably both the 1959 and the 1962 buildings were designed by Raymond Birchett, Vicksburg architect and great-grandson of the original Dr. Birchett.

The Kuhn closed in 1989, a victim of state politics and funding issues.


Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

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