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Jim Ohara, Ami Bruni’s friends husband is now threatening people. Andrea Beaupre joins in as well.

Is this what happens, when you  question a para persons Gofundme site? they bombard your blogs, make nasty comments and then call you a dirt bag, as well as make threats?

Even more threats, read this recent comment lol?

Go fuck yourself

You are “powerful”? Hahaha, You sir have no idea who I am and how powerful I am. If this attack on Jim and Andrea does not stop you will find out just how powerful I am. Remember this “we are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expext us”. You are nothing sir and you have messed with the wrong peoples friends. I bid you good day. And to Jim and Andrea dont comment anymore this will be handled, you have done nothing wrong, those of us that know you know the truth and this manure pile is grasping at straws.

The only thing I was guilty of, was questioning someones GOFUNDME site, after the blog came, then so did threats.

what just angers me is I am trying to finish this blog, and even more threats come from Jim Ohara. Now he (M.R.) Ohara says either take the blog article down, or he will sue me, good grief really? first he tells me to come down there so he can teach me a lesson so to speak, then now mentions and attorney and other venues? what the hell is wrong with folks?

Another comment from none other” would help perhaps if they spelled right. it’s not tu it’s (you) there idiots.

One more thing I have to say, these people are using their kids as a sympathy tool to get money for their situation? what the F***? no one made them have so many kids, if they can not take care of them simple logic is no one else is going to either.

There was other GOFUNDME sites set up by other para folks, such as this one wanting a new truck?


Go fuck yourself

Why dont tou learn the truth about the family you are trying to discredit. But then again why would you? Oh that would be because you are a dishonest pos, cant report truths, and when they are shown to you you attack the person in the right. Go fuck yourself cuz no one is gonna do it for you.


And as far you knowing my situation Evan you don’t know me at all how would you react to some one posting pictures and names of you and your family all over the Web and calling you scammer and a liar you dons’t know me from a hole in the wall so yeah of course I’m a little upset so I will ask you politely to remove the article or I will seek legal ends and other avenues

Evan Jensen Paranormal Herald.

Evan Jensen Paranormal Herald.

After The Paranormal Herald had seen attacks on john Albrechts personal facebook page, a decision was made to find out as to why someone having family issues and circumstances that were so bad, that they constituted a national GOFUNDME site was needed. A serious question came to mind, why was Andrea Beaupre so active on social pages and on The paranormal Examiners pages? after all she has a hardship, she did start a GOFUNDME site? should she not be concerned about herself, if there were such a serious problem with them losing their home and all that?

The article placed inside the Paranormal Examiner and article written by John Albrecht. “can be viewed here as well. It was the article that brought out Ami Brunis best friend ( Andrea Beaupre’s ) and then shortly after, the threats came out as well.The threats how ever were made by Andrea’s husband Jim Ohara.


John Albrecht Paranormal Examiner.

John Albrecht Paranormal Examiner.


Syfy’s original series “Ghost Hunters” is returning for its tenth season this summer. Former cast member Amy Bruni will not be coming back to the series and according to a post on her Facebook page yesterday, she is still upset about her departure from the show.

Amy Bruni is best known for appearing on Syfy’s hit series “Ghost Hunters” on seasons four through nine. She was a regular cast member on the show for six years and appeared on 115 episodes from October 29, 2008 to October 29, 2014. Bruni was allegedly fired from the show over a year ago.

Bruni claimed that she left the show willingly. She has made several comments to her followers on Facebook regarding her departure insisting that she wasn’t fired. Most fans of the show could care less but she won’t let the issue go.

“We were not fired. We were not let go – we opted to move on. This was 100% our decision that we came to after some discussion with the production company,” Bruni said right after her departure from the series.

“Some claim that they left the show ‘Ghost Hunters’. Okay lol, Grant Wilson can 100% say it honestly. He is like a brother to me and many other TAPS members. That will never change. He got into this field for real reasons and that always showed. It was never about money, fame, or how much airtime he got. He will always have our respect,” “Ghost Hunters” star Jason Hawes said on his blog on his website in November.

Ever since Bruni was released from “Ghost Hunters” it seems like she is doing anything that she can to remain in the infrared spotlight. But there is one thing that she doesn’t want her fans to know about. Bruni is embarrassed of an R-rated movie that she starred in while she was a ghost hunter. The movie might be the reason why she was let go from the series.

“Better Than Crazy” is a film produced by Mike Restaino and it follows four cousins and their spouses during a weekend of partying. The cousins get together after their aunt died to reminisce about her life and the journey they have taken since childhood. The film stars Amy Bruni, Aaron Daley, Nick Leonti, Deborah O’Brien, Shawn Romias and Katherine Fullenlove. Bruni plays the role of Caroline.

In a four-minute preview for the film, Bruni gets made fun of for her weight by the rest of the cast. During the clip she can be seen getting drunk, getting high, and talking about streaking in the nude for corn-dogs. The entire preview is filled with weight-based comments about fat people.

“Those are the days of obese Caroline. But I really was fat but not now cause I’m not anymore, right? I’m so glad I got to wear black today, it’s really slimming,” Bruni says in the movie as Caroline. “I’m sick of all this extra weight that I’ve put on but I can’t find the strength to keep it off for very long,” Bruni sings in the film.

Examiner reached about to Bruni on October 5 about the film but she didn’t want to talk about it. The following day she posted a message on Facebook and IMDB to her fans about the film warning them not to watch it. She claimed that the film was made prior to her appearing on “Ghost Hunters” and that it was filmed eight years ago.

According to IMDB, the film was originally supposed to be released on October 21, 2014. There is a trailer teaser on Restaino’s YouTube page and on the distributor’s website.

“Again, if you see an article saying that Adam and I were fired. I point you in the direction of my attorney,” Bruni said on her Facebook page yesterday regarding reporter John Albrecht’s Examiner articles. “I’d pursue this in court, but it just seems like a waste of my hard earned $$$. You all know the truth, we’ve gone on record with the truth – and again, since the blogger writing it seems to completely disregard the truth, I’d not trust anything from that source. We’ve tried to contact him many times and he just ignores us – because me quitting clearly isn’t a juicy enough story. LOL PS. Just report the content as being false if you do happen upon it,” she said.

Bruni urged her fans to report Albrecht, calling him a liar, hoping they would attack him. She also insulted the reporter numerous times on her Facebook page and has been doing so for months.

“He writes for a web site that pays per click – hence his incentive to make things up. I don’t want to put any money in his pocket,” Bruni said about Albrecht. “Maybe he is homophobic? We’re pretty much the nicest people ever, so it makes no sense,” she said, insulting him.

Hawes posted one of Albrecht’s articles on his Facebook page shortly after Bruni’s post and had this to say in the comment section:

Please understand people can post and say whatever they want. But, When 2 people have a different story than 60 people?!?! Amy and Adam remember things very differently then Ghost Hunters, Syfy and Pilgrim Films remember it. That’s fine. There’s been no need to justify our actions with posting all over in hopes of looking good. They want to claim the left, Okay. lol. It’s been 2 years since they were removed and it seems a dead subject now. I still consider them friends and We all wish them the best and always will.


John is attacking my family because I made an attempt to protect my friend after seeing her hurt, now as a result my family is hurt. We are an honest and hardworking family of 6, our landlord put our house on the market without any notice and we do face becoming homeless if we do not have enough money to move, we swallowed our pride and made a decision as a family to ask friends and family for help because we knew we couldn’t do it alone even with my husband working multiple jobs so I can stay home with our 2 out of 4 children, and with our youngest being 1 who has a serious heart condition. The amount we set in the fundraiser is a goal not an expectation, where we live the average cost for a 3 or 4 bedroom is $2200 to $2400 with the expectations of coming up with 1st, last, and security. The screen shot that John posted about me potentially shutting it down was after my husband received teasing from coworkers about asking for help financially and it hurt him and it bothered me to no length to see him upset. We as a family are putting our pride aside, and thinking about the welfare of our children and trying our best to avoid being moved to a shelter as they will divide our family up as boys and girls, males and females cannot stay in the same shelter due to safety of others dealing with domestic abuse issues, it’s our state law. Please understand Johns attack on me is because he felt attacked because I found facts that proved his reports to be false and I wanted to protect my friend. I appreciate you reading this as well as others that may see this and ask you to put yourself in my shoes for a moment and feel what it actually feels like to be faced with making the decisions as a mom who wants to protect her family…what would you do, and how else would you handle our situation when there is no one and no where else to turn to for help.

Sincerely, Andrea

For the record johns attacks were not attacks, but merely written articles based on credible testimony, such as Ghost Hunters own post on his Facebook. This is undeniable.

11667527_853589314734533_8867654860315356965_n 11666199_853582578068540_8450449763083155617_n

The below was and attempt to thwart off, the actual information from several articles, including John’s from the Paranormal Examiner and also mine from the Paranormal Herald. the comment below was written from both jim ohara and also Andrea Beaupre. Ami bruni’s best friend.

I also ask that you look into who John really is, as apparently he has a criminal past of child endangerment, burglary, and assault on a family.


why do so many beggars use the gofundme site for their personal begging, why not just work for a living?

why do so many beggars use the gofundme site for their personal begging, why not just work for a living?


Unless you know my and my wife’s situation you can screw yourself who the hell are to judge me or my family you haven’t walked in.my shoes or made the sacrifices I have so until you have or can prove you know problems keep you opinions to yourself

What really got Andrea’s and Jim’s attention was this blog, about there GOFUNDME site. A article  with the paranormal Herald. http://www.examiner.com/article/former-ghost-hunters-cast-member-amy-bruni-is-still-bitter-about-her-departure

Andrea Beaupre’s comments to john Albrecht. ”


The information you continue to report regarding the departures of Amy Bruni, and Adam Berry are falsified. Attorneys of the production company and Ghost Hunters, has made a public statement supporting Amy and Adam’s departure to be 100% on their terms and for personal reasons and that they were not fired (last time I checked Jason wasn’t a lawyer, and by law an attorney cannot make false statements). The continuation of reporting said false information by means of “reading into” cryptic messages within articles that were written across a wide range of time and actually were in regards to other matters you failed to report, is considered slander and deformation of character at this point given the attorneys statement clearing the matter completely, and can be pursued in a court of law where official charges can and will be brought against any party (ies) involved with reporting said information in the form of a cease and desist order among other charges. Any and all reporting past and present can and will be submitted against involved parties as evidence of slander and deformation of character. I urge you to kindly edit and remove any and all false information from reports involving Amy Bruni, and Adam Berry in regards to the reports of being “fired”. To ignore requests and reports being made by myself and others who are personally connected to Amy and Adam, as well as Grant, and others within the TAPS team, is a deliberate action on your part to continue false journalism and legal action could follow. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and might I add how important fact checking is when reporting, as it can become a costly matter when it’s not done.

P.S. This matter would go away John if you would stop bringing it back up over and over again, so to say it’s Amy who won’t let it go is another false statement on your reporting.

John, you claim to report what others say but what you fail to do is include facts about what the quotes are really about. Instead you take them out of context from several articles, combine them into your own article and read into cryptic messages.

That was a bogus and ridiculous message on part of Andrea Beaupre, one more time let us see the actual statements by Ghost Hunters.

11666199_853582578068540_8450449763083155617_n 11667527_853589314734533_8867654860315356965_n

http://wp.me/p62Mm9-8U link to the other article I wrote. There will be more, until they either shut up or leave folks alone period.


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


6 thoughts on “Jim Ohara, Ami Bruni’s friends husband is now threatening people. Andrea Beaupre joins in as well.

  1. no denials here either?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 8:48 am
  2. Why don’t you all just grow the hell up so what name calling it happens it’s not nice has she apologised for it.just get on with your lives forget it move on !!!!!!!


    Posted by Michelle | July 16, 2015, 12:23 pm
  3. Michelle is itsn’t name calling that bothered me its when someone threatens your family your entire family, that i draw the line it is not agame and the more awareness to the person making threats is a good thing the paranormal herald does not back down or get intimidated not when family is brought up npo person shall ever wage threats against someones family know what i mean there?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 16, 2015, 6:12 pm
  4. Evan you are the one that post lies about others, you slander and lie about everyone.
    But what you do not tell people is that you spent years in prison for kidnapping and that you are a child pedophile.
    You see evan you have lied about so many people that you’re name is crap.
    And truth is Kelly and you have become known for lying and slandreing.


    Posted by criminaltakedown | October 24, 2016, 3:37 am


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