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Ami bruni’s best friend attacks The Paranormal Examiner,same woman has 10,000 dollar GOFUNDME site up.

After seeing another post on The paranormal Examiners article, It was in defence of a woman named Amy Bruni. After doing some checking, we found the woman is asking for 10,000 dollars, for a house for herself and family. The add is asking for money, it is also on the national GOFUNDME site.The site was created by Andrea Beaupre on June,7th ,2015

Andrea Beaupre stated, she is Ami Bruni’s best friend,  the below screenshot is of Andrea speaking about her Gofundme site.


just to show the source, where the information came from, so know one gets sued here.

says she is now shutting down the gofundme site, must of gotten to hot in their kitchen and they must have came under fire?

 The Gofundme site reads as follows.
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I just want to say a quick public thank you, I know I’ve sent each one of you who donated, a personal Thank you, but again want to express our gratitude for everyone’s continued support, our family truly appreciates not only the generous donations coming in, but also for those of you who continue to share our story on social media to help spread the word. From our family to you and yours, thank you from the bottom of our hearts we are truly blessed to have you all in our lives.

My name is Andrea, I am a mom of 4 beautiful children (ages: 15y, 9y, 2y, and 10 months), and a wife to a very hard working man with 2 jobs so I may be home with our 2 little ones to save money while still looking for an evening job myself. Our family is in the midst of a crisis, and one we have never faced before. We find ourselves at the crossroads unfortunately so many families face. We just learned a few days ago that the home we have rented and resided in for the last 4 years and have taken care of with the understanding that we would some day purchase it, has been put on the market without ANY notice from our landlord. We learned this news when a real estate agent showed up at our door on the evening of 6/4 to take pictures of our home to put on the market the next morning. In addition to this we have since then received a 14 day “notice to quit” and vacate the property (which is dwindling down fast), It Is our belief he has done this so that the house be unoccupied in hopes to sell faster, we know he cannot act on this notice alone without getting a legal team involved, however we feel given his recent behavior it’s just a matter of time before he heads in that direction if we ignore his request. Unfortunately this has completely blindsided us, we have no place to go, no family that has the space to let us stay with them even temporarily, and this has left us no time to save enough money to relocate. The money raised within this campaign will go towards covering: 1st, last, and security to get into another home, moving costs such as; truck rental, tape, large boxes (I will get smaller ones from grocery store), storage facility in the event we cannot find a place, or one large enough and have to put inherited furniture away temporarily, and clearing current utilities in the event we have to move before we can clear them ourselves. We are starting to gather our belongings to sell off what we can, but we live a very simple life so unfortunately there is only so much it will bring in, and realize that it won’t bring us any where near what we need to move, but it will add to the pot so to speak. I have spoken to state agencies who said there is nothing they can do unless I want to go through the eviction process and go through court, the problems I see with this is that it will leave a black mark on our credit report (something we have never had, nor want) and it will effect our eligibility with future rental properties, and when ready, purchasing our first home. We also learned there is a 10 to 12 y waiting list for emergency housing (if we even qualify), and realize this puts us at risk of placing us not only further away from Jimi’s work, but also further from family who help with childcare as needed, and our children’s doctors, as our 10 month old was born with a heart condition and we need to stay near her specialists. Without enough funds raised within the time frame given, this leaves us in a position of facing our worst fears of moving our family to a shelter, and 2 at that given safety regulations set by the state that divides men/boys from women/girls once they reach a certain age. This also could expose my children to some things in the world that from day 1 I’ve tried to protect them from as shelters cannot filter out all those that can cause harm to others, especially children, it’s just not a totally safe place I feel I can protect my children in and a risk I’d rather not take. We are a hard working, loving family in need of your support, even if it’s just to pass the word around as we realize we are not the only ones dealing with similar struggles. We believe that you receive what you put out into this universe, so it is for those reasons we just don’t understand why we are in such a heartbreaking situation. My family is my everything, and I will do whatever I can, to protect them and provide for them, as being a parent gives you strengths you never knew you had, and fears you never thought you could handle. Hence why I have swallowed my pride and have reached out to all of you. I’m hoping you can help us make things right again for our family, and show our children there is still good in this world, even though sometimes things don’t always seem fair. I’d like to be able to give them back the security they have felt in our home up until recently, and pray that with your help we can. We don’t know what will happen when we’ve reached the end of the 2 week notice to leave, I’m hoping with your help we can turn things around and show people like him that people stick together and lift each other up in a time of need, not turn their backs on them, especially a family with small children. It is in times like this that I have to believe hope floats when your world feels like it is sinking. Thank you for reading our story, and know that our family appreciates any and all help received. We also appreciate you spreading the word to get our story out. God bless you and yours.

comments from Andrea on John Albrechts article inside the Paranormal Examiner.

Oh so because it was on the internet it MUST be true right? Just goes to show once again, you can’t believe anything you read…you have a history of poor and destructive reporting, not just with Amy’s life but others as well. You give REAL journalism a bad name. Because of you her and her family which includes their 3 year old little girl are now getting death threats as of this morning because of your reports. I’ll be the first to let you know as a personal friend to her and her family, if anything happens to them because of this, you will be held accountable in court because I WILL press charges as will many others. Today’s her birthday too, bet you didn’t know that, thanks for ruining her and her families day. Let it go already and find a new story before innocent lives are hurt!!

Why are you attacking the reporter? If anyone is lying it is Amy or Jason.. It looks like Amy is the liar here

Of course its idiotic, but none of us can control the public or the nonsense they put out there, but unfortunately this has happened and Amy received several threats as of this morning as a result. We live in a very scary world, do you not watch the news and see some of the idiotic things human beings are capable of over something so stupid..seriously to a normal person this makes no sense, to a crazed fan or enemy it makes perfect sense in their delusional mind..think mental health issues..i work with high risk patients with severe mental illness on a daily basis..it’s not as far fetched as you may think.

Jason Hawes said Amy was removed in the comment section on his Facebook page… It looks to me like Amy Bruni was fired

The information you continue to report regarding the departures of Amy Bruni, and Adam Berry are falsified. Attorneys of the production company and Ghost Hunters, has made a public statement supporting Amy and Adam’s departure to be 100% on their terms and for personal reasons and that they were not fired (last time I checked Jason wasn’t a lawyer, and by law an attorney cannot make false statements). The continuation of reporting said false information by means of “reading into” cryptic messages within articles that were written across a wide range of time and actually were in regards to other matters you failed to report, is considered slander and deformation of character at this point given the attorneys statement clearing the matter completely, and can be pursued in a court of law where official charges can and will be brought against any party (ies) involved with reporting said information in the form of a cease and desist order among other charges. Any and all reporting past and present can and will be submitted against involved parties as evidence of slander and deformation of character. I urge you to kindly edit and remove any and all false information from reports involving Amy Bruni, and Adam Berry in regards to the reports of being “fired”. To ignore requests and reports being made by myself and others who are personally connected to Amy and Adam, as well as Grant, and others within the TAPS team, is a deliberate action on your part to continue false journalism and legal action could follow. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and might I add how important fact checking is when reporting, as it can become a costly matter when it’s not done.

P.S. This matter would go away John if you would stop bringing it back up over and over again, so to say it’s Amy who won’t let it go is another false statement on your reporting.

John, you claim to report what others say but what you fail to do is include facts about what the quotes are really about. Instead you take them out of context from several articles, combine them into your own article and read into cryptic messages.

Several attempts have been made by Amy, and the Attorneys through the use of social media, email, the examiner, phone calls directly to John, and letters, too which John has ignored. Unfortunately he has left those trying to “set the record straight” no choice but to talk directly through the article, this is a result of his choice not anyone elses. I will end it there, I appreciate your concern though.


You have a GoFundMe page where your scamming people money

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Paranormal Herald : Evan jensen


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


69 thoughts on “Ami bruni’s best friend attacks The Paranormal Examiner,same woman has 10,000 dollar GOFUNDME site up.

  1. @string/none

    get your stories right


    Posted by The bringer of justice | July 13, 2015, 11:35 pm
  2. bringer of justice, now is a special sort of funny lmao
    I told you people everytime some comes on this bblog another blog will be written you may as well wear a stupid sign around your neck lol


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 6:29 am
  3. we didnt attack anyonhe, we simply mentioned the gofundme site and they attacked us as folks looked on lol stop pretending.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 6:30 am
  4. lol bringer of justice you need to let folks know whom you are before anyone can take you seriously anyways nice try there.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 6:31 am
  5. Hey wtf, I stated my opinion so screw you! I’ve walked many times already wondering where groceries were coming from after paying monthly bills, I’ve gone through harder times than you’ll ever know pretty boy,what’s different about me is I don’t go begging for money from people, never have, never will either. God promises to take care of our needs and I’ve held on to that and things were always okay. You just are embarrassed because you’re caught up in the spotlight from cyberbegging and sorry, that’s exactly what it is. Take care of your own problems since you’re such a big tough guy name calling and cursing others, you really need to get a grip on it, sorry begging is begging, If the shoe fits, wear it!


    Posted by spiritualwalks | July 14, 2015, 6:46 am
  6. Wow, these people certainly get excited when they only have themselves to blame in the first place! Cursing, name calling because they had their hands out for some free money, is that our fault? Humble people wouldn’t think of doing this kind of thing, you sure find all kinds Evan!


    Posted by spiritualwalks | July 14, 2015, 6:53 am
  7. I sure do yah, unfortunately they found me lol.

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 6:57 am
  8. or if the shoe don’t fit, then stick it up your arsh anyways lmao

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 6:58 am
  9. who the hell are you folks to judge John Albrecht either? fools


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 8:49 am
  10. Sheesh…. lol


    Posted by spiritualwalks | July 14, 2015, 11:54 am
  11. Sheesh… lol


    Posted by spiritualwalks | July 14, 2015, 11:54 am
  12. they definitely do i always say play with the bull, you get the horns lol.

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    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 14, 2015, 11:02 pm
  13. You seriously dont get it mr fake no life article writer your attacking an inocent family cua of there finantian needs if you have an isue with how theu handle it than you can just go fuck your self but im not letting some low life stand in the way of this ordinary troubled family so back off this is the last warning by the way i know people so watch your back


    Posted by Find your place idiot | July 15, 2015, 3:32 am
  14. wow even more threats i told you folks for every threat comes another blog, stop with the threats and stop concealing who you are, wait until i released the where bouts of all the people whom made threats here epic sorry charley none threatens my family or friends learn from your own mistakes fool.The threats are beuing turbned over to the FBI where they will investigate and see whom is whom as well.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 15, 2015, 6:47 am
  15. Find your place you forgot to capitalize your I. Always do that when I is alone, now your learning grammar, later we will teach you other fun writing things.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 15, 2015, 6:53 am
  16. Find your place this is for you, shiver me timbers were all scared and afraid damned loser, what is wrong with you did your mamma drop you on your head,when you were younger?


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 15, 2015, 9:30 am
  17. use some contraception next time and maybe folks wont have to pay for your kids and a new hoime live aside your means your working your husband to death good lord lady.


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | July 16, 2015, 10:21 pm


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