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Rosalind makes threats of placing satanic curse on host of Beyond The Edge Of Reality, true satanist Tom Erik Raspotnik answers back.

after us seeing that a Canadian woman named bill stated earlier Saturday mid day, she was placing some magic or hex curse on myself, even though laughable,the post or rant certainly gotten my attention. After speaking to a long time trusted friend Tom Eric Ropotnik, concerning the threats from this Rosalind Henniagr, he told me to quote him on what he said.

This is what he (Tom Raspotnik) stated for the record”Yes you can tell her I can see she is full of shit, and she can attack me and it would be pleasure to put her too a dirt nap. Quote me.

The above Quote, was a direct comment towards this Rosalind Hennigar and in response to her threats of hexes and cursing and so forth.

Some folks have no damned clue not one even.

Some folks have no damned clue not one even.

Rosalind Hennigar had that posted to her wall, it is where it was copied from , someone on Rosalind’s friend list, sent it to me to tell me, this Rosalind was making threats.See the below post please.

“So Father ‘Ftard’ wants to play with magick, does he? Ummm, I know my eyes are not deceiving me and I’m fairly certain that I had not blocked the negative commenter who used ‘Sir’ in his words, for I am 100% sure was our infamous ‘ass clown’ Evan ‘Ftard’ Jensen, for he’s the only one I know who uses that key word. But it seems that I cannot find this commenter or his comment and I’m sure I did go far enough back, maybe ‘father idiot’ was indeed ban and his non sense deleted, for which is best because his bullcrap is only an eye sore. However! I did ‘foolishly’ question why ‘all this time’ did Evan ‘Ftard’ Jensen decided to strike again, for no one had said anything in regards to him and his ‘ass clowning’ in a very long while, as far as I was concerned, everything in the FB para fray was going good. But then I noticed that I had posted one of my book covers, and I should of know what was going to take place next. These Jealous Fucks need to give up it up before I truly show them Satanic, I will ‘for sure’ construct an entire ‘Black Mass’ in their honour and I don’t need their fat asses (in person) to sacrifice, for sacrifice in any spiritual practice is done in a spiritual sense, not a physical one, and this was the issue Anton Le Vay (The Church of Satan) was dealing with when it came to renegade youth, drugs, alcohol and Satanism in form of ‘dark art practice’ Far to many uneducated was mixing the notion that sacrifice required committing murder. But here’s the truth when it comes down to ‘Hex’ bottles, especially ones that are well rooted in the Egyptian Culture. The Egyptians highly believed that it was indeed a ‘must’ to rid oneself (cleansing process) of Evil, evil being in the ‘personification of man’ sense, and when one rids themselves of Evil through the practice of the Egyptian culture they are ‘not’ calling forth or invoking ‘Demons’ but ‘Ancient Gods’ My spiritual practice has nothing to do with the ‘Demonology’ bullshit Evan ‘Ftard’ Jensen and his sock puppets speak of, they (themselves) are playing with demons, for the book of Necronomicon for which they are ‘indeed’ using was written by a ‘Mad man’ It’s a Grimoire of unspeakable horrors for which the practitioner calls upon all types of ‘Demons’ Zo, Zo (pazuzu) being the most prompt, along with Cthulhu who was believed by ‘true’ Demologist to be another name of a Christian Culture ‘Demon’ In truth! Evan Jensen has every reason to fear me, for I’m indeed certain that he feels ‘Sense wise’ something ‘very grave’ is coming back at him, but what he’s to stupid to realize is that what’s coming back is his own doings. Maybe he should of read the consequence on the ‘conjuring’ of demons before he jumped into that summoning circle, for ‘now’ he has just opened the abyss and its awaiting his arrival. And I’m going to ‘Oh so’ take great pleasure in kicking that fat fuck into the ‘pit of hell’ and sealing it shut behind me :))))) Yes! Indeed! Evan ‘Ftard’ Jensen, Damage Inc has ‘for sure’ come a calling for you! For your name is at the top of my spiritual ‘laundry’ list, right next to the ‘spiritual javex’ I use to clean away ‘ftarding’ Conjures who play with ‘fire’ and expect not to get ‘badly burned’ Be very afraid Evan Jensen, be very, very afraid :() (LMAO)”

There are very few true satanist, oh we see the ones that are considered evil villains, but never hear of the ones that are not know why? true satanist do not go around holding sacrifices,making threats,conjuring nonsense  up. They are most often the ones that are kind folks.

Tom Eric Raspotnik is nice person and  kind individual. I do feel that Rosalind Hennigar needs to play in her own backyard, as this man is educated and she would not fare very well with him.


Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

Paranormal Herald : Evan jensen


MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


2 thoughts on “Rosalind makes threats of placing satanic curse on host of Beyond The Edge Of Reality, true satanist Tom Erik Raspotnik answers back.

  1. Rosalind, I thought you were a spiritual person. Don’t play with the dark forces unless you really know how to, could bring the karma of it all right back on you. Not being smart in any way or sarcastic, I’ve never had any issues with you just saying think about what you may be doing.


    Posted by spiritualwalks | June 28, 2015, 10:33 pm
  2. Rosalind is not the smartest cracker in the cracker box lol


    Posted by BEYOND THE EDGE OF REALITY | June 28, 2015, 11:25 pm
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