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Welcome to the Haunted Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, TX

The Adolphus Hotel is one of the lone star state’s most prestigious hotels. Built by the famous beer tycoon Adolphus Busch, the historic Adolphus has been providing guests with luxury and comfort since 1912. Guests enjoyed the service so much, some decided to stay on, long after death… But why have they decided to stick around?

The Adolphus Hotel was the brainchild of Adolphus Busch, the founder of the renowned Busch Beer Company. In 1910 the city of Dallas was booming, and was crying out for a grand hotel. The city leaders spoke with Adolphus in the hope of convincing him to back the build. He did, and construction began later that year on a new $1 million hotel.

Much like the general operations of any hotel, the front office or front desk seems to see the major majority of their complaints. It is the living, that is making larger then life complaints about the dead carrying on. The hotel guests that have stayed there, have complained about hearing large parties, big band music and folks quarreling outside their hotel rooms.

Some of the guests, who have stayed at the hotel, have stated they felt they were being followed, perhaps even watched. Some guests have reported to the night check out and have left their hotel room in the middle of the night. Some guests simply leave there hotel key inside there rooms.

It has been stated that windows fly open for no reason and some have even seen a floating apparition in the hallways. Guests and hotel workers have said they are getting touched, but they do not see any one near them.

Some people believe that the legend of a jilted bride, is the main reason for the paranormal phenomena happening inside the old hotel itself.The legend is as follows” There is believed to be the ghost of a jilted bride wondering the 19th floor of the hotel. She was due to be married one day during the 1930’s, but her fiancé didn’t show, leaving the bride-to-be embarrassed and broken-hearted. Later that day her body was found, hanging a few feet from the spot where she was due to say her vows. For those people staying on the 19th floor, a regular occurrence is the sound of a woman crying, and footsteps along the hallway. Her apparition has been seen by many guests, often when there has been a function or party. Her ghost is often accompanied by the sound of a music box playing 1930’s tunes

The above story is one of great sadness, we truly hope that there is peace after death.

Often times we here about the theories of ghosts, or spirits that have not moved on.Some experts say and believe that they-spirits sometimes will linger here in this world, If there is unfinished business? I would like to add, what if they do not know they are dead?

Beyond The edge Of Reality.



MY NAME IS EVAN JENSEN A PARANORMAL EXPERT IF THERE IS SUCH A THING. I myself being involved at various aspects of the paranormal have come to realize it is a field riddled with conmen and frauds hoping to evade the public and con as many as possible. This paper I.E blog site has stopped many from doing such. It is a free site for those needing help and wishing to spread the news of there fellow con people.


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