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Ryan Daniel Buel’s new PRS is so secretive, you have to sign up for approval?

Some folks are wondering, why has Ryan Daniel Buel been so disconnected for the past year on social media? others already know this questions answer. Ryan publicly posted videos and links as to his recent hip surgeries. For those that may be wondering and asking for true real apparent reasons, just remember the news video, that was blasted across the internet. The news reel was of a fallen paranormal’s star.The news reel featured Ryan Daniel Buel in his own home town.

http://abc11.com/220871/ I-team investigates A&E star, Ryan Daniel Buel.

There were talks of Buel, selling the PRS websites, then about a year later, we see that he has started another PRS website.


https://the-prsbureau.org/events.  This is the new website, where you have to be a member to join, or to see what is going on inside this new PRS Bureau. Do not worry we have folks inside.  A lot are carefully watching, we do not want any other folks scammed like what happened with the other events in Ontario and other venues that M.R Buel held.

You have to love the defining reasons for the new PRS””

The PRS Bureau” is a one-of-a-kind multi-platform, social media experience that is exclusively dedicated to exploring the unknown in every way imaginable.”The Bureau” is more than another online discussion group; it’s a virtual ship where you can join online research divisions that contribute to real PRS cases and investigations; an educational learning tool where you can enroll in diverse paranormal web courses (“Paranormal University”); an online TV channel dedicated to bringing you original content such as docu-series, short films, horror/paranormal themed movies and news programming; an online meeting space that will soon open local “Bureau” chapters across the United States and then the world. There will be hundreds of special-interest clubs. Live investigations that you can watch from your home TV or computer. “The PRS Bureau” will offer countless opportunities and exciting events that you can join in person or participate in online. “The PRS Bureau” is offering you a bold new way to pursue your ultimate questions about the unknown. In short, “The PRS Bureau” will soon be your home and your protector, ready to take you on the ultimate journey!

PRS their mission.”…to break the taboo’s of paranormal perception; to challenge all interested communities (be they scientific, academic or paranormal groups) to ethically and morally evaluate paranormal claims; to further, without fear, the spiritual and scientific pursuit in to the unknown.”

There is and email listed, where you can email the admin. I wonder whom that email goes to, is it Ryan Buel or his partner Serge? admin@paranormalbureau.com. Perhaps folks can ask for their money back to this admins email. I highly recommend sending Ryan and email stating you want all your funds back people.

Who will ever forget any of these links.The actions that did take place from M.R. public figure himself?

Ryan Buell cancels paranormal tour, claims health problems (UPDATE: Fans file complaints)





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