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What is Dejavu and why does it happen?

There have been many legends, stories told of Dejavu. You may be wondering what is Dejavu exactly? In (French) it literally means unseen.

Food for thought!

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If Dejavu is to be considered real, then we must also look at several other topics. First there is life after death. Then there is Reincarnation,and also past life regressions.

Have you ever experienced a sudden feeling of familiarity while in a completely new place? Or the feeling you’ve had the exact same conversation with someone before?

Let me ask you this. Have you yourself ever felt like you have experienced a time, a place or and event before but knew it was not possible?. In recent times several folks that were interviewed had spoken of places they visited, they even had specific details about the places. Details they could only of known, if they  had been there before.

I have had this Dejavu happen to me personally and I can not explain it. My mother also experienced this several times that I can remember.

According to popular belief, there are no explanations of experiencing this Dejavu. We do however know from peoples comments ,interviews and stories that dejavu can happen any time, without notice. It is not planned and can randomly hit certain individuals.

There are some conflicting reports, that state that Dejavu happens on regular bases or happens with a chained timing, i have not found this to be evident in  any sort of research I have done on this topic.

It is difficult to study déjà vu — the odd feeling you get when you sense you’ve already experienced something that you know you are doing for the first time — in the laboratory. This is mainly because the phenomenon is rare and difficult to reproduce. However, there are similarities between déjà vu and the more common experience of seeing a person who seems vaguely familiar to you, but whose name, how you know them, and where you previously met escape you.

Please see this article, for references associated with.


Geographic memory will be defined as past life memories or emotions that are stimulated by visiting a physical location known from a past incarnation.  The reincarnation case of John Gordon involves a dramatic example of geographic memory, as Jeff experienced an intense flood of emotions when he visited the Civil War battlefield where he was shot and almost killed in a prior incarnation . Please see this article, for references associated with.

In and article by  Kevin Williams reads as follows.

Perhaps the greatest circumstantial evidence supporting the reality ofreincarnation without using hypnotic regression, is the account of Jeffrey Keene (www.confederateyankee.net) , an Assistant Fire Chief in Westport, Connecticut. After a series of synchronistic events and subsequent research, Keene discovered many uncanny parallels between his life and the life of a Civil War general named John B. Gordon. The photo on the left shows a comparison between the facial appearance of Jeffrey Keene and General John Gordon. The similarities between the two go far beyond mere coincidence. What makes Keene’s story unique from most accounts of reincarnation is that Keene’s story contains evidence that did not involve hypnotic regression. Instead, Keene’s evidence of a past-life came from his own life experience involving a series of unusual synchronistic events.


It is said that Functional MRI (fMRI) studies of people asked to judge the familiarity of faces and buildings have revealed that when people distinguish familiar from novel faces, changes in activity occur in an area of the temporal lobe called the perirhinal cortex. By contrast, an adjacent area called parahippocampal cortex is shows activity changes when people distinguish familiar buildings from those they are seeing for the first time.

It is also stated that Thus, déjà vu for a face may be the result of messages sent from the perirhinal cortex whereas déjà vu for a place may stem from messages relayed from the parahippocampal cortex. Notably, both of these regions send their information to the hippocampus, which supports recollection. So, the full experience of recollection may reflect a combining of converging signals from both perirhinal and parahippocampal areas to the hippocampus.

If you have ever experienced Dejavu, we would like to hear about your incident or incidents.

Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

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