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Anctient Ram Inn, Britains Most Haunted Inn, Rumored Haunted by Talking Cats, Witches spirits,Incubus,Haunted Children

Welcome to Britain’s most haunted B&B – where terrified guests have been left so scared they have even jumped out of the windows. Have ran away in horror. The occupants and  room guests had stated they have heard blood hurdling yells, felt the presence of unknown forces.And even had run ins with and incubus

History of The Inn

Built in 1145, the Ancient Ram Inn is a former priest’s residence, inn and public house; it is also the oldest building in England’s Wotton-Under-Edge

before the building’s construction, its story begins in the low-lying wetlands near Potter’s Pond. This land sits on the intersection of 2 Ley Lines, areas that certain people believe contain significantly high spiritual energy. Using a map, these lines can be traced directly to England’s most famous sacred site, Stonehenge. Legend has it that the energy from Stonehenge travels the Ley Lines to feed the property’s paranormal power. Additionally, the site is home to a 5,000-year-old Pagan burial ground.

The building first housed masons, slaves and workers who were constructing St. Mary’s Church. Located directly across the street from the Ancient Ram Inn, streams on the inn’s grounds had to be diverted around the church’s site. Many believe the redirecting of water on the Ancient Ram Inn site opened up a portal for dark energy.

One of the most well-known legends surrounding this haunted English house is that of a witch who was burned at the stake. The burning occurred in the 1500s at the height of prosecutions against those who did not practice government-sanctioned Christianity. Many believe this woman’s spirit still haunts one of the Ancient Ram Inn’s roomsbecause she took refuge there shortly before she was captured and killed. Today this room is called the “The Witch’s Room.”

Sole Occupant
In the late 1960s, a man named John Humphries protected the building and its story by bravely making the Ancient Ram Inn his home. John bought the house in 1968, and he was introduced to the angry ghosts his first night in his new home. After going to sleep, he claims a demonic force grabbed his arm and dragged him out of bed and across the room.

John Humphries is now in his 80s and is the only living occupant of the Ancient Ram Inn. He has dedicated the later years of his life to preserving this old building, and it’s cost him nearly everything. His wife and 3 daughters left this haunted old building and the man hell bent on safeguarding it.

Inside his home, Humphries has found evidence of ritual sacrifice and Devil worship. Even more disturbing, he discovered the skeletal remains of children under the staircase. Within the skeletons were found broken daggers, which he believes were used in a deadly ritual and then broken, so that they could never be used again.

John Humphries claims that he continues to be haunted and attacked by the violent entities residing in the Ancient Ram Inn. Join the Ghost Adventures crew as they endure a dangerous and frightening lockdown in one of England’s most haunted buildings. A night at Ancient Ram Inn will haunt them for the rest of their lives.


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The owner,  Caroline Humphries stated she does not think they will ever be able to sell their place, do to the severity of the haunts that effect the Inn and former pub. There have been several folks who have fled the Inn in terrors as many reports of have filtered in says the Inn keeper.

The inn is believed to be centered on ley lines and possibly a strong hold to the after life.

The Ancient Ram Inn, in the village of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, is believed to be riddled with up to 20 spectres who torment the paying punters of the 12th century home.

Built on an ancient pagan burial ground – and also believed to be the scene of child sacrifices and devil worship – the Cotswolds cottage is haunted by the likes of a murdered young girl called Rosie, a high priestess, and even a male sex demon, known as an incubus.

The strange goings on include a blood-curdling child’s scream, ‘electrified’ wooden beams, and even the touch of an invisible force.

Caroline Humphries, whose family has lived in the Ram Inn for nearly 50 years, said: ‘My father won’t go anywhere without his Bible.’


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The Ancient Ram Inn is a Grade II* listed building and a former pub located in Wotton-under-Edge, a market town within the Stroud district of Gloucestershire, England. It is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country. The inn has been owned by many people since 1145 and is currently in private ownership. This inn was said to have also been owned by the local St. Mary’s Church when first built..

Could the strange goings on their inside the Inn itself, be do to the real life seances that the owner does have anything to do with the reasoning behind the actual said events themselves? is their a door to hell that has opened? and are these ghost researchers  endangering themselves from around the world?

If you mix evil with evil is it not OK, then to assume your getting more evil?



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2478232/Ancient-Ram-Inn-Britains-haunted-B-B-terrified-guests-jumped-windows.html#ixzz3bi3BjcGl
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Disclaimer: The following information has been provided to us and the article is based on the said information, we obtained. All allegations made are alleged, and the Paranormal Herald can not be held accountable for other parties information.

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